August 31, 2011

Wicked Sister (no more) Meets The Brother's X Wicked Girlfriend (wicked vs wicked)

Ladies and Gentlemen welcome back to my page! 

This is a sequel to this post: Wicked Sister Meets The Brother's Girlfriend. You met JOAN (my brother's girlfriend for the longest time). Now, you will get the chance to know the woman who broke my brother's heart into pieces. Okay! She's the wicked one because she broke my brother's heart! jk! (This will be the last time I will put my brother's history into this mess)..Ü
Long time ago, way way then. I was young, so young, so much younger than today. It was the summer of 2001 (if I'm not mistaken). My brother went home for the holy week. We're outside our house, chilling, and stuff. We talked a of lot things. Mostly, about schools, dreams and all. I was in high school and my brother was turning 3rd college. He lived with my grandparents in the city, while me and sisters are with my parents. He's my only brother and the eldest. Every time he comes home, we would just talk and talk and talk and catch up with what he's missing in our life. In the middle of our conversation, he just stopped and he asked me to listened to the radio. It was a hill song. Then, he told me, Dalyn likes to listen to this kind of music. Who the hell is Dalyn? I hissed. To make it short, Dalyn was his girlfriend or the girl he likes. I don't remember exactly. 

August 30, 2011

Wicked Sister Meets The Brother's Girlfriend (Diaries of an Indistinctive Writer)

Wondering what's this all about? 

Okay, It's pretty obvious, isn't it? (this topic is all about my brother's girlfriend)..♥

JOAN and My Brother MICHAEL
(In the title) I have to put "wicked" before sister (that's me) to emphasize how bad I was way then. Of course, not that I would pick a fight on her or bully her or what. It's because, for the longest time I never exerted an effort to really get to know her. Not that, I don't like her. It's just me not getting over with my brother's x. Gosh! 
Do I really have to share this with you? haha! (I'm so dead)


Let's get this over with. 

Jobelle or Joan is a very sweet girl who's musically inclined. She sings very well. She plays instruments too, like, violin and guitar. She's artistic and very much into fashion. She's shy and smart and writes pretty well.

August 29, 2011

I'm Not A Morning Person

*there's really nothing much about this post. hehe*

Last night, I slept early in the morning already. Maybe past 2am or almost 3. I watched the movie "My Name Is Khan" and was crying halfway. (crazy huh?) That's it. I slept late (early in the morning) and wake up less than 4 hours after to join my cousins for their "bonding" stuff by playing basketball somewhere in the city and lunch after. Oh la la! I was so full after I ate my favorite-SINIGANG! 

Anyway, I just woke up (today). I slept after I arrived home. So, I was able to slept around 4 and a half hours. cool. Now I'm happy. haha! Gotta prepare for later though. We'll have dinner at my uncle's place. ugh! so busy! lol. ^_^

Happy Blogging bloggers :)

I will share photos later or tomorrow or anytime. ^_^

August 28, 2011

Just Another Teen Xfiles (Around 12 Years Later)

Ola beautiful ladies and handsome men! Welcome to my page ^_^

Whoa. Too much for a warm welcome eh? hehe!

Yesterday, I read this blog from Matthew's Blog in titled Titles Are Tough and even posted a comment that goes like this "usually, I don't struggle with titles. hehe..Idk why? maybe because, I'm not too concerned whether or not my title is catchy or not at all. hehe! But I guess I'm wrong! nah. not guess. I'm very wrong. LOL!

Omg! what kind of an introduction was that?


As for tonight, I will share to you these 3 ladies way back in my high school life who really made my life interesting and lot more fun than I could ever imagined :)

Without further ado, let me give you a little something about these ladies I'm about to feature.

Ready? Alright!

August 26, 2011

ONE AWESOME NIGHT WITH FAMILY (Happy Birthday Ante Ging2x) -updated ^_^

*Hello bloggers ^_^ readers ^_^ visitors and everyone*

Today is my aunt's birthday (my aunt is in NYC now with her daughter "my cousin" Grace). My uncle (her husband) who just arrived last week with my cousin (their son) for a quick vacation prepared something for the family to celebrate even though my aunt (the celebrant) is not here (since they were not able to come home for some reasons) to celebrate with us.

And so, I decided to dedicate this post to my Aunt "Mrs. Lydia Mondigo"...♫

I hope you had fun viewing us (especially Mati nga eksena kaayo) through webcam and thank you sa pasalubong..^_^


FILLER (My niece's hobby)

I just finished my exam a while ago and another long holiday for next week..great!

So, since I'm leaving in like a half an hour. I will just leave you with this video of my niece dancing "Baby" by J.B (I'm no fan of him okay, but, my niece liked this song so much)..Ü

I hope you'll have fun watching ^_^

Haha! she isn't really that talented is dancing. aye? ^_^

Do you what she's good at? being mean. hahaha

August 23, 2011


I'm running out of things to share because it's our midterm exam (can't think straight, really!) and my sister borrowed the camera for my niece's presentation this Friday. I hope this one here will do.

Do you have facebook? Have you heard of archivedbook, this site enables you to view your archived 
statutes, wallposts, links, videos etc. for the past few years since you sign up to fb. It was really fun reading those things.. and blah blah blah..

But anyway, the thing is, when I checked out my video post, I saw this very familiar video taken 10months ago @White Island (CAMIGUIN ISLAND)..Ü 

That was my first time at that particular place, I mean, I grew up in Camiguin Island but haven't been there the whole time I was there and I was really amazed by it's beauty. I shared already some pics from this trip but this time, I'm sharing you our video (we took for our friends), but you're free to check out this post ISLAND BORN OF FIRE (CAMIGUIN ISLAND) where I posted some pics (of us) around the Island. 

Can you hear the sound of the waves? Whoa! the breeze of the air was awesome. It was heaven..(exaggeration much? hehe)
Nah. really!
While we're approaching the Island, we can't help ourselves from saying "WOW" -that's it. speechless. lol

fin ^_^

August 22, 2011

From Annoying Kid to Awesome Kid

*You gotta read this one here (this was my post last July) first before proceeding so you will have an idea about this kid we met two years ago and how he end up being this cool now =) aye, aye?! ^_^ *

If you won't read this you will never understand this post. 

Done reading now?

Okay, let's proceed. 

August 21, 2011

On The Way Home From Limketkai Mall, Cagayan de Oro City

As requested by: Michael Westside "I got a request, dear Mai, how about some pictures of your city. Perhaps some pictures from high places, so that you can see what the city looks like and then some pics inside the city. Perhaps some cool stores we don't have here in the west, or what your market looks like, how everyday grocery stores is like. Stuff like that."

I'm not really sure if I'm posting the right thing here. ^_^ 

So, here it goes Michael Westside, this is what our city looks like. This isn't the whole thing yet. I wasn't able to take a pictures around and inside the market, so, maybe after midterm exam or whenever I have time, for sure I will look into it. For the mean time, here's the scenery inside Limketkai Center.

Limketkai Center | Limketkai Mall (LKKS) is located in Cagayan de Oro City in the province of Misamis OrientalPhilippines and one of the largest mall in Northern Mindanao since 1995. The entire center is over 25-hectares in area and is home to the largest and most modern shopping-center complex in Northern Mindanao. Located in the business district of Cagayan de Oro and 11 km away from the airport, Limketkai Mall offers a wide range over 300 diversified tenants of internationally and nationally recognized stores, local boutiquesspecialty shopsfast-food chains and fine-dining restaurants. The shopping center sports two large department stores and boasts a variety of facilities that include four movie theaters, kids’ play areas and day-care centers, spas and clinicssports shops, four function rooms, and a huge atrium with 3,000-capacity atrium hall for local and international concerts and events. Outside the mall is the Rosario Arcade, a hang out area that houses bars,pizza places, coffee shops, and fine-dining restaurants; featuring ItalianChineseThai and American cuisines all in one place. Chill, wine and dine at some of the finest restaurants in the Rosario strip and groove with the tune of live music from their nightly live bands.premier modern shopping facility.
Robinsons CDO, which is the 1st Robinsons Mall in Mindanao, is situated in the Limketkai Center. Also situated is the first Starbucks,McDonalds and Jollibee branch in the city, and all of Mindanao
source: wikipedia


August 20, 2011

WE ARE THE CHAMPIONS (Kumbira Day 2 & 3-final day)

Note: This is good for two days post. It might take a while for you to read this one. I hope you don't mind.Ü 

The past three days were the most tiring days ever in our college life but last night was a blast.

Wanna know why? 

Our school was the over all champion in KUMBIRA 2011  (Kumbira is a professional and student culinary show and live competition held in Cagayan de OroMindanaoPhilippines.It is the largest culinary event in Mindanao, lasting for three days).Ü

Isn't that a good news? ^___^

Anyway, here's what happened for the last two days..


Our group was assigned to watch the "buffet floral centerpiece (theme: a December wedding)" competition (professional category) -live.
and the winner goes to the first photo (from the left on top)

August 17, 2011

Most Tiring Day Ever :(KUMBIRA DAY 1):

Beware of Misconceptions.Ü *MERELY*JÜST4FÜN*

Hello Bloggers, Readers and Visitors :)

Today is day 1 of Kumbira. Kumbira is a professional and student culinary show and live competition held in Cagayan de OroMindanaoPhilippines. It is the largest culinary event in Mindanao, lasting for three days.

As a Hotel and Restaurant Management student, we are tasked to assist the event for 3 days, also, this is in relation to our subject "EVENTS MANAGEMENT" and blah blah blah..

Whoa! As much as I wanna share to you all the things I did today, I can't. I'm too lazy to do that now. I'm so tired. My feet, my legs, my back are in pain :( huhu..I need a hug :( We've been standing from 7.30a-1.30p (I guess or more) because we are marshalls. We were guarding foyer 2 area where FILIPINO Carving in both professionals and students category are being held-live. So, we gotta control the crowd. As for me, of course, I did what I have to do. But guess what? I was even told I was snob and strict just because I did not allow them (the viewers, watchers) to enter the area, huh? duh. It's not like it was a restricted area actually, they're not just supposed to be there. that's it. I'm just following instructions. Was it really that hard to comprehend or what? It really pissed me off. Big time! But of course, I can't tell them I'm feeling that way. Part of being in a hospitality industry, I need not to show negative expressions, you know. I have to smile even if everything hurts. Life is like that. Life is mean. It's unfair. That's reality. Right? ^_^

But anyway (again),  I had fun today. And so, just a sneak peak of today's event =)) hope you'll have fun-too! =))
I will share to you everything after the event, maybe.Ü 

Here are some of the finished products (took these randomly) of the live competition in food carving. 

August 15, 2011


Beware of Misconceptions.Ü *MERELY*JÜST4FÜN*

49 days is a South Korean television series being showed in the Philippines for quite a while now with it's alternative name PURE LOVE.

I have been watching this drama for days now (I'm still on the 13th episode), not on TV, but in DVD.

I will go with a simple synopsis only.

This is a story about a young girl named Dianne Shin, a free spirit young lady whose life seems to be perfect. She has a parents who adore her and friends who admire her. She's engaged and set to marry her fiance Min-Ho in just a few days before she got into a traffic accident due to a suicidal named Ysabelle Song (who works at a convenient store) and was pronounced to be in a vegetative state. She realized she's already a soul after she met the reaper a.k.a the "scheduler" and give her a chance to live again under some terms. 

-In order to live again, she must fill the necklace given by the reaper with pure tears shed by those three people who truly love her (excluding a family member). To do that, she was advise to use the body of Ysabelle "only" when Ysabelle is sleeping. Once someone will noticed that she's Dianne living in Ysabelle's body, the agreement will be useless and she'll lost the chance of living again. 

For the next 49 days, she gets a job at a restaurant owned by Raymond, her friend in high school. Later, she remembered what happened before the accident-she saw her best friend and her fiance sitting intimately together in a car and came to her senses about their betrayal. And her quest begin as she realized that it will not be easy for her to find those tears knowing now that the two persons she loves the most (who she thought will help her revive) cheated on her..

Synopsis courtesy of Wikipedia: click here if you wanna read more:)

It made me think. What if it happens for real?

What if, one day I will die and poof! a reaper will appear next to me and will give me a chance to live again under those terms?

I know I have friends. Got plenty of them actually. But the question is. Who will shed a pure tear for me out of those people I call my friends? What if they will cry only for sympathy? or worse, what if they won't even cry for me for the reason that they don't want to ruin their mascara, their make up or whatever?

ha! gosh!

Does it mean, chances are for people only who were able to lived a life full of love and kindness and not to mean people like me? Yeah, I was never, I mean, rather, I am not the kind of person who's nice, considerate and lovable. I'm demanding, impatient, stubborn stupid, vengeful and name it! If it's true means?

Whoa. Even at the other side of the world it's still unfair =((


But anyway, it's just a fantasy :) I don't need to worry, do I? 


-end of drama tonight-


In The Name Of Love (part2)

This is an update to this post In The Name Of Love. As promised, here's a video made in an instant by Atoy A Martinez ^__^ (it took me a while to update, so sorry ^_^ )

On Site Video 

A video presented just before the celebration ended. It was impressive (for me ha) to think that they made this video while the ceremony was going on. It must be so difficult and they must be so good to do that.

But anyway, the thing is, it came off like.."we wanted more" -bitin ng video! hehe

Finally, the pics from FOTO LOCO CDO ^__^

August 13, 2011

Azkals (Philippine National Football Team) Invade Cagayan de Oro City

*Rhamz Most Awaited Moment*

Rhamedan, a friend of mine is one of those thousands of FILIPINO fans whose one ultimate dream is to see the stars of Philippine Football Team.

Whops! Granted! -me feel so envious!

ugh! John Lloy Cruz (Filipino Actor), when can I ever see you in person? haha!

Anyway, Azkals' invasions happened today. For 2hours or less we (Janine, Aiko, Shella, Mona, Aj and Rhamedan) watched them play.

but first..vanity mode muna while waiting for the Azkals to arrive.  =))

picture perfect (",)

August 12, 2011


Note: I'm not brokenhearted ha! ^___^

Title is kinda weird, isn't it? 

Today is the day. 

We have been saving and waiting for this day to come. 

Carnival day! 

Whoa. Last week, the group "decided" (borrowing the line from my classmate in Culinary Arts) that Friday next week (that's today), after our class, we will go to Carnival to ride some rides (whatever you call it) that are only available a month or two before St. Augustine's fiesta. As planned, we were there. But the thing is, my classmates (some of them), since we got off from our "class" earlier than than the usual, do not want to enter yet the Carnival as early as 5pm. Imagine that? I don't know why. They said, it's too early pa! "let's go in later when it's dark already (because they wanted to see the light)..LOL" -okay fine! whatever! 

And so, we instead went to the mall to have our snack. After we're done with our snack, gosh! still, it's not yet dark..

what to do? 

how are we gonna kill our time?

I'm tired already :( 

I wanna sit down, but where? think think think..someone then suggested (I think it was Rhams idea, seconded by Janine and Esthel), let's go up to WOF (world's of fun) and kill our time by singing. Singing? (I hesitated), lol. We're too many to be in one room using one mic. creepy! then I remembered, whoa. I know now why someone suggested a karaoke and who. It's Esthel! she actually suggested this morning we'll have karaoke today because she's brokenhearted. haha! And for what it's worth, she finally got what she wants. She bought tokens (and chose to sing outside and not in the room) and sang 3 songs (I don't wanna be your friend, No ordinary love, Can't fight the moonlight) to express what she's feeling. It's her way of getting over her so-called heartaches :D -TO SING! haha! of course, we just let her do her thing and took this video (I chose only two out of the three-No ordinary love and Can't fight the moonlight because the first one, it was kinda sad! haha! looks like she wanted to cry already). ROFL

here it is..(No Ordinary Love -cover) -LOL-
in this video also, you can see how freaks are my classmates are when it comes to camera. see? they can't stop it!

..and of course, it will be a miracle for us if we don't take pics. so, here are some..

August 11, 2011

Break Time @ Greenwich


After our class Events Management today, Janine, Aiko, Princess, Dawn, Rhams, Estel, Mona and Myself decided to grab a bite at the store fronting our school. When we get there, it's full.

Rhams then said "hey! let's go to Greenwhich instead, there's a P299.00 good for two pizzas (not aware what size) already, we can split it out and contribute maybe 20-30 pesos only. And we all agreed.

Inside greenwich, we realize it's not a family size pizza (double-too small for us) and valid for take out only. So, we ended up ordering separately but with the same items-P59.00 (Pizza, spag and drinks)

what do you call this? -waiting number? whatever? haha!

August 10, 2011



I was cleaning up our drive E this evening when I came across with this video I took a few months ago. This was the time when my brother took us out (with cousins) for dinner and movie (Fast 5). This is a footage of Jojo (my sisters' boyfriend) TRYING to open up a SOLA bottle @ Yellow Cab..

..see what happened

He wanted me stop recording because he felt humiliated already. HAHA!

By the way, regarding this post In The Name Of Love, I already have the pictures from Foto Loco CDO (the official photographer of my friend's wedding) but can't find the video. So, maybe I will update the post as soon as the video is available already :)
thank you :)

August 09, 2011

In The Name Of Love (updated)

Note: this is not about the movie (In The Name Of Love with Angel Locsin). LOL

Yesterday we (myself, Koting & why so random?) attended our friend's wedding (Jeff and Karen) @ Koresco Hotel.

killing time ^_^

August 07, 2011

Week-End @ SM

Beware of Misconceptions.Ü *MERELY*JÜST4FÜN*

Today we (Janine, Esthel, and my niece Xin2x) went to watch Little Mr. and Ms. SM (regional finals). Remember this post click here?, that was taken July 17. That time I think it was preliminary screening or something and now as I said the Regional finals and whoever wins will represent Cagayan de Oro at SM Mall of Asia.
Let's take a look at the finalists :)

August 06, 2011


Beware of Misconceptions.Ü *MERELY*JÜST4FÜN*

August 05, 2011


*Surprise Surprise*

Have you ever had that experience where in you forgot your friend's birthday because you were too busy dealing with a lot of stuff in school and you only knew it's her birthday when you check your fb and it appeared in the "upcoming events" section -(Birthdays: Honey Love Sabandal)?

ugh! it sucks right?

Well, we do. Last year we missed our friend's birthday. 

Can you imagine that? We felt terrible. That's why, after that, we promised to ourselves to really make up for her next year-that's today :)

Yeah, today is her birthday.

What we did was, we secretly made a video (slideshow) of her including some clips of our classmates greetings and presented it this morning before our class started. 

Check this out. A more than 8 minutes presentation. Hope I will not bore you with this video. ^___^

Also, we printed a tarp for her and place it outside our classroom. 

thanks to Dwizzt for the layout ^_^

That's all.
Thanks for checkin' out ^_^
I hope you had fun watching ^_^


August 03, 2011


Beware of Misconceptions.Ü *MERELY*JÜST4FÜN*

High school for me was one of the most memorable part of my life. It brought me pain, happiness, craziness and enjoyment. I've experience so much fun. I've been through a lot of things. Fought over nonsense issues and got myself wasted. Also in high school that I made friends and established a bond of friendship that cannot be destroyed not even in distance and time..

What are you in high school? 
Are you the nerd type? 
the mean? 
the funny? 
the gossip girl? 
the saint? 
the KJ? 
the crazy? 
the head turner?
the crush ng bayan? 
the top student?

whoa. speaking of which, do you have any idea what happened to your classmates who made it to the top of your class way back? do you still keep in touch with them? are you still friends with them? lol. (of course, I am)

Now, let's  get to know those students in my class who were lucky enough to surpass my intelligence and made it to the top. ROFL

Anyway, get to know our top 10 students and a little bit information about them (courtesy of our yearbook :) and see the difference :)

Let's start with the VALEDICTORIAN ^_^ --------> CLICK IMAGE to view it clearly ^_^

Sleepy Wednesday

Beware of Misconceptions.Ü *MERELY*JÜST4FÜN*

Hey everyone! How are you all doing? lol
Anyway, I'm bored. It's 9:37am on the clock and just another 26mins and I'm out of here. School stuff! panira ng mood! lol 
Last night I was browsing my High School year book and I felt a little bit excited. Finally! got something to post later-our high school top honors ^_^
Like in my post here you'll get to see them 9 years after our graduation ^_^
hush hush ^_^ Let's see what happen to them.

As for now, school school school. :((

August 01, 2011

As We Own The Night (Acquaintance Night Paranoia)


My gratitude to all the commenter/s in this post here namely:
  1. Mark Westside
  2. Hoi Ming-Ng
  3. CahNdeso
  4. Storm Blogger
  5. -E-
  6. dwizzt
who helped me out the other day for picking up the style (for me) of last night's event ^ ^

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