June 21, 2012

Something That I Crave For A Lot.

Back to my challenge. Whoa. Haven't been doing my task (challenge) for days and feel so guilty about it. 

But I'm back anyway..

Let's talk about cravings..

What do you crave about these days? 

Hay. As for me, it's the Indian Mango. I dunno why it's called an Indian Mango but whatever. Gosh. I love Indian Mango so much. I've been craving for it everyday.

who will not crave for this when it is just a meter away from your sight?
This picture was taken right outside our the apartment (terrace). It's owned by our neighbor. We managed to get like 5 or 6 using our magical stick. shhhh.. HAHA! I know it's bad but the fruit was very inviting. I can't help to say no :D

see here..
my friends in fb are craving for this as well. and I got a few likes after posting this  photo :D proof that I'm not alone :) 

Admiring The Doctors

Do you remember? Recently my cousin gave birth to a cute, healthy little boy named Alaric (inspired by a Vampire Diary character, I guess?). It wasn’t my first time to stay over in the hospital to watch after someone. 

Way back maybe 5 years ago, (I can’t remember the year exactly) I watched after my grandmother who was hospitalized for more than a month. I watch her being restless for a quite a long time. During our stay in the hospital, I’ve seen her doctors in and out in her room doing her rounds, usually the doctor would comment about her condition, if it’s doing better or going worse.

Then I realized, a doctor (like in Grey’s Anatomy) must be very smart to say all those things I did not understand-medical terminologies impresses me so much. Where do you think did they learn so much about their field? Was it in school? Training? Experience perhaps? or here? He would usually talk about diagnoses, symptoms and such. In a white lab-like gown and a heartbeat monitoring sort of thing, he can already determine your condition, or am I just exaggerating things? The way how they do things is overwhelming. They way how they handle and explain things. The way how they keep their cool from their grumpy patience and calmness in every situation is exemplary.

You see, anyone in the field of medicine learning does not stop studying after graduation. For them, it’s just the beginning. They are responsible for their patience’s life, meaning, they should really be an expert. It is one’s life is at stake, and to do this, they must have enough knowledge to perform their job flawlessly by undergoing endless studies and training/s. They must have an excellent teacher to guide them, to teach them well. Why not be a teacher yourself?  Learn they way to teach in an effective way. Learn their ways and style-learn it why, learn it how, learn it where? Learn it here, learn it now.

An exchange of opinions, ideas and feedbacks from other doctors is one of helping themselves  could also be a tool to be more equipped in their chosen field. Through this, you will learn from one another. It’s like a give and take kind of situation.  Learning from the experts makes you an expert yourself. When you become an expert in your field,  it is best to teach other’s what you learn (to have a better world), sharing is loving.  You should know this by now. Being a doctor does not only mean being the doctor, you should also be somewhat like a leader and a manager. You should train more, study more to gain more. Train here to be a consultant. 

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