May 28, 2012

Top Five Favorite Excuses

This is gonna be fun! hehe. I hope people who I constantly turned down using these different excuses will not waste their time reading this-fingerscrossed :) 

Different excuses to different kinds of folks. 

Excuses for family members (cousins, aunts/uncles, parents, siblings)

  • I'm meeting a friend or I'm off to somewhere and I need something very urgent to attend to (usually for schools but since I'm not in school anymore, this time, it's sort of a job hunting matter), but I'm out with friends to watch movies or malling.
  • I already have a prior engagement..(but actually I'm just at home-blogging).
Excuses for friends
  • I have no money (I'm actually just feeling so thrifty and too lazy to go out)
  • I'm out with family (when I'm home at watching movies, blogging and sleeping)
  • My aunt ask me to run some errands (but the truth is, I'm off somewhere alone!)
 Lame excuses, aren't they? HAHA! but everything stated above do actually work sometimes..

HAHA! omg. O_O

Anyway, whatever! How about you lovies? Care to share your favorite excuses? :)

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