July 05, 2012

Best of the Best (Most Popular Post to the Best photo ever). Care to share yours? :)

I went back to my old interface in blogger and uninstall my blogger apps in my phone since it's been giving me a hard time posting, I landed checking my stat (which I seldom do for the last 6months, I guess?) and surprised to see that my most popular post A Table For Two (My Brother's Marriage Proposal To A Fellow Blogger) -that is (who) by the way you probably knew-again, a blogger who is obviously soon to be my sister, the author of this blog Diaries of an Indistinctive  :) has reach to more than a thousand views and it made me feel awesomely happy! *dancing* 

Oh. When can I get over this. HAHA!

Oh, by the way,

I was asked to share the best photo I ever took since I started blogging, I shared this already but it was way back in my first quarter of blogging so I bet you never got the chance to see this yet :D

Happy faces of children who asked me to take their pictures :D 
priceless smiles of strangers :)
construction workers :D

Suddenly, I wanna go out just to take photos of strangers :( 


What about you? What's the best photo you could share to the world? If you can't share to me the photo, atleast describe it to me :)

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