September 26, 2011

Photo Challenge Day 23 (A Book You have Been Reading)

7 days to go before I kiss my challenge goodbye ^_^
oh! btw, Matthew of Yeamiewaffles is doing this challenge too ^_^ kinda excited for him..^_^

Going back..
I've already read the two books of Bob- ong - ABNKKBSNPLAKO and Stainless Longganisa but I'm reading these over again if I have nothing to do. I so love the books because it's base on reality and I love the writing style of the author. :D I've read the book "The purpose Driven Life" but I haven't finsihed it yet. Really, very inspring and it takes you on a journey of how to discover your life's purpose. :D
 List of the books I read over and over again..

  • The Secret
  • Pocket Books (Precious Heart Romances)
  • Who Moved My Cheese 
  • Boy Meets Girl
Actually, there are two that I forgot to mention and it's not in the pics also because my cousin borrowed it a few months ago. The books are; Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus and I kissed Dating Goodbye. Ü I read The Twilight also, Tuesday's with Morrie and Nicholas Sparks novels. lol ^_^

As requested :) Another video of Chingee/Chai ^_^ part 2 

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