September 30, 2011

Photo Challenge Day 27 (Something You’re Currently Borrowing From Someone)

 My Sister’s Girbaud Bag. 
My gosh. I fell inlove with this bag and wanted to own this. I've considered to buy one for my own but when I went to the store where she bought this, “it was out of stock”. I was so disappointed. I was even ready to spend my savings for this expensive bag. Whoa! SAYANG! So now, I’m just waiting for the chance/ time that she would’nt use this or beg/ask her if I can borrow this. Again, I’m just so lucky that I have a “not-so-good” sister who lets me borrow her things. HAHA.
Yes. An Ipod. Lol. I'm currently borrowing this from my father. Omg! ^_^ It took me a while before I convinced him to let me have it (just for a while also)..^_^ My only companion when I'm bored and when I'm alone :)

@Lord Phrozen: Chingee in Baby Boy ^_^

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