December 26, 2012

It's A Happy Christmas After All :)

What's up everyone?

Don't worry, this won't take long :)

I know, I know. It's been like..what? forever?


I don't know what to blog about actually, I really just wanted to greet everyone in blogsphere a Merry Merry Merry Christmas :)

Obviously, my work has taken over all my leisure time and deprived me from my guilty pleasures in life.

So, whatever. I hope to blog more these days..there are so many things that I can't wait to share :)

that's all.


September 19, 2012

Fitting Up!

Another break from work..yay!

Gosh. If you only knew how much I miss blogging..

If only I have so much time off work, I'd probably blog everything out..

Well, about my boyfriend? 

He's the nicest thing on earth that ever happened to me and the best thing I never asked for. that's all for now. hehe!

As for today, I have so much things to do. 

I'll be meeting up my cousin to meet this sewer to fit us for my brother's wedding in 2months time. yey. I'm so excited and worried at the same time :) 

Anyway, I'm wishing everyone a happy day today and the rest of the day :)

-bloghopping now-

September 12, 2012

The Mistress

Hey guys! It's been quite a long hiatus, aye? the longest hiatus ever, I guess? :( I've been enjoying your posts but I really don't have the time to comment with everyone since I can't log in to my co-worker's (Gale) phone (I've been using her phone to check out your blog because she's on postpaid plan and wifi is not available in our area) because I'll be needing some verification code and blah blah blah..

Anyway, again. it's Wednesday and my day off. 

The title has nothing to do much with my post, it's just that, today we went to watch this movie "The Mistress" and I did not enjoy it. It's boring and boring and boring :(

Oh. one more thing..

Got myself a boyfriend :p (that's news, I guess?)

-bloghopping now :)

August 22, 2012

Very Very Quick Post

So it's my day off today and gosh! I have so many things to share but I don't know where to start..

so, I'll just leave you with my "hello" and "I miss you all" 

-blog hopping now..


August 15, 2012

Call Me Maybe

Call me maybe (not)..

Ladies and Gentlemen! Behold these people who gave you the most entertaining video ever in school :P

the lad and gent in SUPER BASS is now back feat. the most covered song/video in youtube (I guess?)-Call me maybe :)

Please enjoy the video..


wondering where I am for the past few days? well, I was kind of busy getting all the requirements needed for my employment. Yes guys! finally after so long. I got a job. This isn't how I imagine my life on a Wednesday morning (it totally screwed up my whole weekend plan) but I think it's a good thing, aye? :D will talk to you about it when I'm not in a hurry. As for now, I gotta go. My shift will start at 11a and it's almost 10 but I need to suit up! ^_^ kisses!!!

will get back to you if I can connect to some wireless wifi later :P

@Rhams and Kaye
guys! sorry! na cut ang video kai 3mins ra mu.convert ang converter namu :(( will fix it real soon. okay? :D enjoy!!! xx

August 14, 2012



I'm in a hurry and I need to finish this post as quick as I can. I will tell you all the details hopefully tomorrow :)

As for now,  hugs and kisses :)

bye. xx

I'm having trouble commenting using my phone and I can no longer find the blogger andriod app..huhuh

August 11, 2012

I'm Hopeless!

I just got home from my interview.

It totally ruined my day. Gosh! I just hate myself so much! I've been in to a lot of interviews and I learned nothing. I was doing okay on the way and then everything just went black. I didn't even have the chance to apply everything I've learned in my training. The exaggeration of the mouth when pronouncing a word/s, tongue positioning, how to read it properly and blah blah blah. I was lost! I couldn't even deliver my answer appropriately. I stammer, my hands were sweating and trembling at the same time. I had everything (in mind) in control. I only need to speak with confidence, with smile and proper pronunciation and I fucked up! I freaked out!!! I got one chance and I blew it. Threw it all away just like that. Shit! Shit! Shit! I hate me!!! I really really really hate myself right now!!! Gosh!!! When can I ever get things right?!!! Ugh! 

screw this day!!!


I love you guys. xx

August 10, 2012

Fives Minutes Late to MIDNIGHT!

Here's what happened yesterday.

We don't want to watch the last full show of Bourne Legacy (because I don't want to go home almost midnight) so we did everything we could to catch up..

We had enough time to catch but we're hungry, so we decided to eat at KFC, but we don't want to be late so we had take outs. I was standing on the line for almost 15mins before I was entertained (they had a big order before me which was acceptable) and then I only ordered a krushers and a bucket of fries but they run out of fries so they asked me if I could wait for 5mins, I said, Okay! 

I went back to our table..

I've been checking my watch every now and then..

after 5mins..

Shit!!! the order is not yet served. I raise and waved my waiting number or whatever you call it and they were just looking at me. I am so pissed!!! We are seriously running out of time and it's almost 6.15p (the movie is about to start already) and where the hell is our order???

I keep telling the crews to follow up my order and what they did is to nod and nod and nothing else. 

until it reached to 6.20p, finally! the fries came naked! I mean, not naked but I said it was for take out, it should be in plastic right??? What are they thinking??? whatever! we did half walking/half running to the cinema..

It's 6.2o on the clock and the guard did not let us in because we're 5mins late :( we still can watch actually but the question is, "is missing 5mins of the scenes really is okay? OF COURSE NOT!" 

Hay. So we have no choice but to wait for 2hrs and 5mins for the next viewing :(

With food in our hands we went around the mall to look for a chair or a place to kill time and then we saw this..


Perfect place, isn't it?

This spot was in the center of Lacoste, Gap, Springfield, blah blah blah and obviously Marks and Spencer boutique.

We stayed there for 2hrs and been getting too much attention by shoppers and sales staff! HAHAHA! Everyone (not one person missed to look at us, I'm sure of that) was looking at us, as if..I don't know. I have no idea of what they're thinking. =p 

Killing time!
the usual us..

the usual Kaye..

After hours of waiting..

We head back to the cinema and find ourselves standing on the line again :((

there were too many already who got in first before us. Oh! What a tiring night :(

so that's it. we finally were able to watch the Bourne Legacy after missing its first screening. Thank you KFC for wasting our time!!! Please serve fast next time :((

I went home almost 12midnight so darn tired. I hope this will not happen to you. :( 

August 09, 2012

How To Get A Guy or A Baby's Attention :)

This is it!!!

The video is finally here..

check the steps here in HOW TO GET A GUY'S ATTENTION

we're supposed to get a guy's attention, right? but take a closer look whose attention we got instead. HAHA! 

though I spotted one guy who actually did pay some attention but it was after the crew/staff sang that birthday song to Kaye a.k.a Stel :)

nevertheless, I wanna thank Kaye for giving this video a try. She laughed too much for trying, we all did. So, I hope you'll enjoy this one. We did try it yesterday in the mall and we're successful of getting some guys attention but Kaye deleted it thinking that the previously recorded video was a lot more better than the second one. :(

August 08, 2012

It's Official: I'm a PRANKSTER!!!

Hello guys! 

How are you? What makes you busy? Anything new? Any news? 

Well, last night, I had a blast with my friends (Janine and Kaye) playing a prankster to Kaye. Yes. You read it right. I played the "prankster" part and Kaye was the victim, but actually it wasn't really Kaye..

let me explain..

We met to have dinner..

we do this a lot, usually, one in two weeks or whenever Janine is free from her work :)

So here's what happened.

This was planned way back College. It was my idea and I dragged Janine into this and then yeah, obviously, Kaye too. The idea was, to dine in at this specific restaurant (who staff/crews will sing for free for anyone celebrating their birthdays and will give you a sort of cake or whatever). Get the picture? ^_^

It wasn't Kaye's birthday but we pretended it's hers so they will sing for her -for free. It was flawlessly done. Kaye was a born actress. She acted perfectly. Her surprised face was priceless. If only I was able to get her reaction but everything was done fast. The crews came out of nowhere and started singing happy birthday and me?I was totally unprepared. I panicked. I turned the camera on, put on video setting but it was too late. I missed her face already!!! sucks!!! 

You will get to see the rest though, 
They were so loud, aren't they? I almost lost my soul when they all started singing. I can barely hear my own voice. I was startled. Oh!  a few secs you will see an upside down video, sorry about that :)

Look what we have here..
isn't this cute? :)

So? How was our little joke? 

Was I so bad to pull that kind of stunt? I do feel bad playing trick with all those people but it feel so good at the same time :(

I sincerely do apologize to all the crews. You guys were just a victim of our silly (practical) joke :) It was fun fooling around though. It really was a one hell of a fun night ^_^ Oh Please! Don't get me wrong. That thing I did? It was part of my bucket list. ^_^ I know, I know! I'm stupid, playful and whatever you wanna call me. Again, I do feel bad about it but I'm not sorry. :P 

Let's all fall in love at this newly discovered cafe :)
What recently Kaye can't live without :)
You still love me, right??? :)

Oh! One last thing..tomorrow I will share to you the How to get a guy's attention in action (video), courtesy of Kaye ^_^

August 06, 2012

Bourne Legacy

Tick tack tick tack..

In two days, our most awaited movie of this year will finally be released. With the title (up there), i'm pretty sure you already have an idea what the hell i'm rambling about. Yes! Yes!'s no other than the BOURNE LEGACY movie itself. 

I am so excited. 


Hmm..I guess you knew that it was shoot here in the Philippines right? I mean few scenes in the movie were shoot here and guess what? It was shoot just near our dormitory. 

Remember that? 

We had our OJT in Manila late November of 2011 and left (back home) 3 weeks on January 2012?

We did not get to see the stars though, which was sad. But I don't mind, it wasn't Matt Damon anyway :P

But still, I'm excited. I can't wait. ^_^

Are you gonna watch it too??? I swear. I will not read any movie reviews about it until I get to watch it myself. 

Ugh. Shit. I'm really excited! HAHA!

August 04, 2012

How To Get A Guy's Attention

Remember I told you about how fun it was in my training class? Hmm..You'll be the judge to that..

Here's the thing. How to get a guy's attention? It's simple.

I don't know how we got into that topic but our trainer said that for a girl to get a guy's attention is just a piece of cake..a few gestures will do.

here's what you need to do.


    1. Of course, first thing first. Look for your crush, (our trainer didn't tell this exactly but I kinda just figured it out)..then do this in front of that guy you like, I mean, not necessarily in front, any side will do, just make sure you are visible.  Using your hand, move (slowly) your hair (not all your hair, okay? you know what I'm trying to say right?) and bring it to the back of your ear..try to do that and see if I'm making sense here..^_^ If it will not work, it's time to do the next one..

      2. WINK ;-) I think you guys do this more often than girls. Aye? This may sound awkward but girls (I for instance) can do this effortlessly too, but still it's not a guarantee to get someone's attention. If still won't work, it's time for our number 3.

3. LICK YOUR LIPS (I'd love to put pictures here but I guess you know exactly what to do). I think out of the three, this 3rd is the most effective one, don't you think? but then again, if none of these three tips will work..It's time to reveal our last and final card..

for sure, even you guys would surely agree with me on this-NO DOUBT ABOUT THAT.

In your honor, the final card is..

TRY TO DO EVERYTHING DOING IT ALL TOGETHER (the three) AT A TIME and we'll see if you will still be left unnoticed because I'm pretty sure you will get his full attention this time. Geez. Yeah'll get his attention but in return you'll be his laughing stock (or not). 

Can you picture it out? I mean, imagine yourself girls (or guys, imagine the girl) bringing your (her) hair back to your (her) ear and winking at the same time while licking your (her) lips???

Did you just do it? :D so, how was it? funny? no? we tried it in class and we all looked like a fool but it's worth it. I did it with my sister and she laughed so hard. It's cute :) But I don't think I will ever have the confidence to do it in front of someone I like. I mean, I can do it one by one, but not the other way around :) 

That is how to get a guy's attention pa-cute tips! 


hug and kisses here (*_*)

August 02, 2012


After 5 days of training I finally have hopefully more than a week of break before the product training starts. 

I made friends without knowing their names, how cool is that?

Yesterday we (trainees) went to bond  over a bottle of rum. We played truth or dare but mostly the "dare" part, e.g, name your crush in the group, kiss your crush on the cheek or hold his/her hand and the kind. We even had this part were you had to choose whether you'll drink or pick a talent (sing/dance) and I guess there were two who danced and one who did the singing part. And the last one was to share one secret to the group. I think that was the most  shocking, earth shattering and heartbreaking secrets I have ever heard in my entire life shared my someone I barely know

Anyway, if there was something interesting aside from those funny moments I had with my co-trainees, it would be the part where I failed my "English final exam" for the first time after so long. Hmm..I felt bad for myself and for my teachers who taught me since I was in grade school to college :( I realize I never learned anything :(

Hay. I hope everyone is doing great. Enjoy the rest of the day. Bloghopping now. xx

July 28, 2012

Let Me Guess??? (2Truths and a Lie)

I'm taking a break from my "studies" to make this wild guess done. new comers, here's what you missed. We're doing this game "2 Truths and A Lie" in which, I say 3 statements (2 truths and 1 lie) and the you guess which of the three statement is a lie. So just to refresh your memory, my 3 statement were:

  • I'm 21 y.o
  • I was in the convent
  • My cat survived the flood and my xbf did not. 
As expected from my regular visitors, they got it right. I'm over 21..there you go.

Now it's my turn to guess. My guess is the one's in bold letters. 

Let's start with Mark's statement: 
  • I'm 23 years old.
  • My birthday is in May.
  • I dropped out of college twice.
whoa, this so much harder than I ever imagine. So to be fair, I tried to hard not to take a peek or anything. My guess would be your age??? I'm not sure but I think I remember you're younger than that? I can remember also you just celebrated your birthday but I think it was on May? geez. but I hope I got the right one :)

Next stop is Matthew's statement.
  • I've spent a night in a jail cell. 
  • I own three guitars.
  • My birthday's in January. 
You maybe have a guitar but I think 3 is quite a number? hehe

for Althea's statement.

  • I play hockey.
  • I am a frequent runner
  • I love onion rings.
Maybe you really hate onion rings. hehe.

As for DWei's statement:
  • I am Asian.
  • My real name is Damian.
  • I love bacon.
hmm. I remember you posted something about bacon, so I guess you really love bacon. I remember you lived in Asia but you're not Asian, right? oh my!!! HAHA! where are those memories when I needed them? HAHA!

As for Joshua's
  • I can play guitar
  • I listen to Indian music
  • I prefer fish & chips to sushi.
You (I'm sure of) do listen to music a lot, so I do hope that includes Indian music :)and? I think you can play guitar since it's really not that hard to learn it which leads to fish and chips-you like those than sushi? correct?

Last stop is Xan's statement.

  • I'm rich
  • My Fav. color is PINK
  • I like you when i first saw your pics haha!
You maybe rich but I don't think you actually call yourself rich :P 

I hope atleast 1 correct answer out of these guesses. I realized it's hard to guess when you can't see the one who's talking right? tsk. but there you go!!! ^_^

July 27, 2012

2 TRUTHS and 1 LIE :)

Oh my! I miss you guys (hugsxx) ^_^

So last Thursday my training started. So far, so good. It was fun! Our trainer is funny and definitely cooler like an Eskimo's butt (lol! like I ever held one, aye?)..

Oh, I'm actually just passing by so forgive me if I did not leave any comments for the past few days. I don't have much time, though every morning I would visit your sites (I guess you know who you are). 

Wait, let me share something..

Have you heard of the game "2truths and 1lie"???

No. Yes???

Well, it's a game where you can say two truths and 1 lie and make your listeners guess which one of the three that you mentioned is a lie. If it was you guys, you'd probably guess which one is a lie..but of course, it's, thank God! hehe..

my first statement was: I'm 21 y.o, second was-I was in the convent and the last one was, my cat survived the flood but my xbf did not during the flood

hmmm..can you guess which one is a lie??? 


oh, why don't you do the same..comment me 2truths and a lie and I'll try to guess. My answer would be my next post..

Hmm..I'm in the middle of memorizing/familiarizing the 50 States/Capital of the United States because we have exam on Monday. Damn!!! I still can't memorize any of them, plus I need the accent thingy!!! I'm so fucked up :(( 

Anyway, I gotta go. :(

I miss you guys!

July 25, 2012

F*cked Up Life Begins Tomorrow

Another lazy post for today. It's raining this late in the morning and I'm supposed to meet my friends (Janine and Esthel) for a girls afternoon date :), if it won't rain after 2pm, I might really go. Right now I'm watching this series, "Please be careful with my heart" lols, another romance series.

Tomorrow, my training begins, sounds like "batman begins" ei? HAHA. Speaking of which, I still haven't watch the movie yet and it's not that I don't have a time (plus, I really don't have the luxury of watching movies in theater anymore), it's just that, when I stumbled to some reviews, they don't have the same ratings which really confuses me if I should watch it or not. 

As for my challenge, it's ranting about my x. I don't think that will do since he's so missing for months now, remember? or maybe I should model my other exes? but they don't actually qualify :P

..oh, one more thing.

someone asked me, Mai, will you ever get married?

well, here's my answer..
I wanna be a girlfriend, then a bride but never a wife. 
hopefully, my views with marriage will change..but for now, that's my answer :)

I wish everyone a happy day. kisses :-* here :)

July 23, 2012

What could be more precious than a SNAPSHOTS with friends?

They say a picture is worth a thousand words.
-couldn't agree more.

For today's challenge a photo challenge is a collections of pictures of me and my friends in a dining table or the kind. 

Let's see what I got here..
this was way back 2009, Janine's birthday :) look at us? hehe..@Mang Inasal
this was in taken in a hotel somewhere in Cebu. 
@Botoy's dati..
@BFB pizza baby!
@Missy BonBon
@Bigbys during Matet's birthday!
@Kyla's Bistro
@Pearl Lane Hotel
@Mcdo, MOA
@Cafe Uno, Vigan
@Pizza hut
@Lokal Grill & Seafoods?
I think those will do. aye? :)  

Freeze time. Take pictures (every now & then) for souvenirs. You'll surely find yourself smiling after a decades. 

For the rest of the weekdays, enjoy! 

kisses here :)

July 22, 2012

TOP 5 Favorite TV Show

Yo! I'm back with my challenge. Geez. It's been quite a while. lols.

Anyway, here's the list of my TOP 5 Favorite Tv Show..wonder if we'll have the same list in order, but whatever :) 5 actually is way too short for my fave, but, TOP aye? so, 
  1. 24 (all time) 
  2. Nikita
  3. Dexter 
  4. White Collar
  5. Mentalist
as for my anime list.
  1. Xmen (all time)
  2. Samurai X
  3. Ghost Fighter
  4. Death Note
  5. Hunter X Hunter
Comment me your list, let's see if we do have something/s in common :), 
they say, 
you are what you are watching ;-)
You think that's true? oh. wonder what kind of person I am then :)

July 19, 2012

Fair or Unfair, It's Life!

I used to believe that life is unfair. But I don't think I'm alone in this, am I ? 

I mentioned about my friend, a dear friend (who is seriously sick) I accompanied last Tuesday for his dialysis, right? For some reason, I tried to refrain complaining about me being jobless and been really thankful for everyday (every morning) I wake up healthy. 
many would say life is UNFAIR, but it's not. Know why? because life is..UNFAIR to you, UNFAIR to me, UNFAIR to everyone. Therefore, LIFE is FAIR.
 When he asked me how am I doing, absentmindedly my reply was sort of, "f*cked up! I'm jobless, frustrated and hopeless" I can go on..

but his reply really made me think, "atleast you're healthy Mai", I can sense his pain thru his message. It must have been hard for him.

Who am I to complain? There's this man who actually has a job, a wife and a life but recently was diagnosed of an unexpected sickness that is curable thru transplant only. I tried to pull myself together, gather my wits and put a smiley emoticon on my reply. I wanted to reassure him that everything will be okay, but of course, he knows better than me.  So much to my surprise, he seem to be doing fine when I saw him..-share to you some other time.

For now, I really just wanna be thankful I'm still alive, healthy and kicking. Live life to the fullest! I admit, I'm still upset with the fact that I'm still jobless, I still can't believe myself I'm still jobless. I've been trying so hard :( might not be obvious to you but I swear, I'm doing my very best, pushing my limits and even trying to get whatever it is that's on the table just because I needed a job so badly :(


Moreover, back to the book FIFTHY SHADES TRILOGY. I DID FINISH THE BOOK in less than a week :P I guess I am well aware (I just ignore it) that it wasn't the best book in the market (not even close) and it was definitely one of the most f*cked up book I ever read, guess Mark and Marcus would surely agree with me on this :), but it was very entertaining and funny, that's all I care :)

How's life for you dearies? :) I hope it's not as f*cked up as mine :) Happy thoughts. xx

July 17, 2012

What's Up?

There's nothing much to share lately. I've been preoccupied with a lot of things, interviews, exams and books. Oh well, I went to accompany a friend to his dialysis schedule today, and as much as I want to share about it, I can't, not now, maybe some other time though. 

Anyway, I've been listening to this audio book- Fifty Shades Trilogy, heard of this book? hmm..I will not recommend this since Marcus a.k.a Michael Westside made a side comment that E.L James was a horrible horrible writer, lols. So, I was thinking, maybe you might not like it as well, but you can check it out if you want to. As for me, I find it funny-the usual novel thing, though obscenity (not my thing really) kind of rule over romance (correct me if I'm wrong). So, that's it. That what makes me busy lately :)

How about you? What's up with you? Any book in particular that interest you at the moment?

July 15, 2012

(Most embarrassing yet flattering ) Thing you did for love.

What's the most embarrassing (most flattering) thing you ever (someone has ever) did for (to you) someone you love (like)???

I remember when I was 16 (it was valentines), when I arrived school, and as I enter the classroom, I saw something on my desk-a CARD and a flower (ROSE) sent from someone I rather not mention since he's living his life now :), I'm not sure if it was something special but it surely was flattering enough for me to blush and to say "ground! please swallow me, right now!"

Anyway, the reason I mentioned these (embarrassing and flattering) to you is because of this video that has been on facebook since last night,
taken at Ateneo de Cagayan University.
At first, I have no interest of watching this video thinking it was just some shitty crap, very common, the usual cheesy proposal "happy birthday/will you be my girlfriend" stunt made by some unknown guy in our city, but wait! when I hit the play button I was like..(gathering all my wits and..)
shit??? I know this guy!!! 
I was stunned, really!!! when I realize that the guy who actually pull this thing off is my cousin. I mean, c'mon? seriously??? If Joan did not tag me on this, I would probably just ignore this whole thing and will surely left me outdated! So, thank you Jo! ^_^
Hmm..I was thinking if anyone of you will ever dare to do this kind of thing for someone, if so..
How far would you go to pull this kind of thing and what could be your reasons of doing such? 

July 11, 2012

An unanticipated trouble caused by DNS changer virus! Please beware, we got hit!

Recently we got hit by the newly spread virus that has been said to be fix and shut down already. Though our pc seems to be working just fine now than days ago, I still can't get over with the fact that it actually infected us almost unnoticed. 
It started maybe 3-5days ago when my brother complained about his files went missing. I don't know what to answer him since I also had my fair share of complaints. When Jojo check on it, he told us that it came from my sister's USB and can't be deleted. It attacks on files by hiding it. Then I told him that yesterday it prompted that it runs out of memory so I have to close some programs and restart my pc. I still didn't know what to do since last night it totally annoyed me. I can't get sign in my facebook, I can't open my emails and this is how it looked.

It's annoying!!!

I gave up after a few tries and decided to just use my phone but guess what????! I can't connect to the internet!!! Really? even the WIFI??? You gotta be kidding me :(

Until Jojo decided to just reformat the pc, reset the wifi settings and poof! back to normal, but the thing is, I have to change the password of my every accounts and I got plenty of them :( 

I hope none of you is experiencing the same thing. However, please be cautious with whatever you plug in, in your pc/laptop so won't have to undergo this problem like me, kay?  :)

July 10, 2012

Who's your WORST and BEST TEACHER/s EVER? Care to share?

It's been a while since I had my last challenge post. This was supposed to be posted a week ago but I can't complete the list and still trying to think whose name to write (not) ;-P

Some of you might be aware about me being in college for 10 years, 4 schools and shifted four times so that makes this post a little bit more complicated. I can't remember anymore the name of the instructors I had for the past 10 years but let me give it a try..

Let's begin with the worst teachers ever. I prefer not to mention the school and the name of the instructor.

Top 5 Worst Teachers

5. My GEOMETRY professor. She failed me. She never gave me the chance just because she doesn't like. She didn't let me take the removal exam because she hates me. Ugh!?! I hate her. She's one of the worst for me because she let her personal feelings gets into the way which unfair. I guess?

4. My ENGLISH instructor. Hmm..She was actually a good teacher but she favors more on guys in class than girls. tsk! weird eh? Plus, I don't like the way she handles her class. I mean, I don't think I'm in the position to critic her but she's too bookish. When we have quizzes she would never consider any other answer (even if it has the same meaning or whatever)-she's narrow minded, which I think is not good for a teacher like her. Also, she's not friendly. She acts tough in a laughable way and she had this weird color combination style of outfit. Hay. Now, I'm being mean. 

3. My P.E instructor. During class he'd always look at me like I was a sore eye to him. He would raised his eyebrow and smile like a demon just because I was a friend of the cutiest guy in class. Ugh! So gay!!!  

2. She was my GENERAL BIOLOGY instructor. For me she was one of the worst because she has this "favoritism" attitude. I hate it! 

1. He was my TAXATION instructor. Why? Because he doesn't look like a teacher to me. He's weird and he's scary. I don't like the way he talks. His looks  was untidy. The way he look at girls (dirty!)..that's all.

Top 5 Best Teacher 

If I were to choose I'd write only one teacher because for me there's no other one, but the challenge says 5. Hay!

5. He was my RIZAL (History) instructor. He carries with him his book during class but never open it, maybe because he knew already what's in there. He was the most impressive instructor ever. One thing I could never forget about him was during our first quiz..It was an essay and the topic was..
"Why would we study history? Why study the life of Rizal?"
Everyone was doing their best. They had like half of the paper filled with flowery words and I had just like 2 sentences on it. When he had our papers he randomly read our answers and laugh and then said, 

-I think nobody got the right answer, 
Class, do you know what's the answer I'm looking for? 
We're studying this subject because we need to. We're oblige to and it's part of the curriculum and if we don't, none of you will ever graduate. 

HAHA! Everyone got 8 points and I got 10. Why? That's a secret I will never tell. xoxo. lol

4. Next was my NEW CONSTITUTION instructor. I've been trying to remember his name but I can't. But he was for me one of the best. He's fair. He's lively. He always left us hanging. He's really a good teacher and he always have time for his students. He learns from us, we learn from him. That's how it goes-always.  He spent most of his time listening to his students and it's impressive. I never met any teachers who wasted their time with his students that much.

3. My PHILOSOPHY  instructor. He taught me well, that's all I could say.

2. Would be 3 persons all equal. My ACCOUNTING, CALCULUS and CULINARY instructors. 
Why? simply because, they're like two in one. A teacher and a friend :)

1. My TOP would be-She was my SPEECH instructor. She was the smartest instructor (aside from my Principal in high school) I ever came across with. She was funny and I never get bored in her class. Her students would always come to class excited. Those kind of things. She never give extra points. What you give is what you get. That's her way of grading. hmm..that's what I like her most. I learned from her a lot. It was in her class that I always wanted to get a perfect score. It was her class that I enjoyed the most. ^_^ 

Do you have anyone in mind right now? Care to tell? :)

July 05, 2012

Best of the Best (Most Popular Post to the Best photo ever). Care to share yours? :)

I went back to my old interface in blogger and uninstall my blogger apps in my phone since it's been giving me a hard time posting, I landed checking my stat (which I seldom do for the last 6months, I guess?) and surprised to see that my most popular post A Table For Two (My Brother's Marriage Proposal To A Fellow Blogger) -that is (who) by the way you probably knew-again, a blogger who is obviously soon to be my sister, the author of this blog Diaries of an Indistinctive  :) has reach to more than a thousand views and it made me feel awesomely happy! *dancing* 

Oh. When can I get over this. HAHA!

Oh, by the way,

I was asked to share the best photo I ever took since I started blogging, I shared this already but it was way back in my first quarter of blogging so I bet you never got the chance to see this yet :D

Happy faces of children who asked me to take their pictures :D 
priceless smiles of strangers :)
construction workers :D

Suddenly, I wanna go out just to take photos of strangers :( 


What about you? What's the best photo you could share to the world? If you can't share to me the photo, atleast describe it to me :)

July 04, 2012

July Filler

I am surprised when I open this blog and saw nothing but my outdated post. What just happened blogger? Why are you not publishing my post? Hmp! Was it my phone? or really the blogger? I hope it will be fix soon. 

Have a nice day blogger :)

June 29, 2012

Turning Tables

If you read my post yesterday Unrequited love you’d understand what this is all about. But I'm not so sure if I will make any connections at all to the title :D

The post somehow came off with something like “I’m about to turn down” a guy, but nope. 

So far, I don’t think someone is planning to confess, well, if there’s, I’d make sure he’ll never get the chance to say it. That’s how I run things with guys.

Unrequited love does not only refer to someone whose love was unreturned but also to the rejecter.  If you think that during courting (or confession time), it’s only the guy that feels uneasy, well, guys! You better think again because I tell you. It’s not. Girls somehow would feel pressured as to how is she gonna turn you down in a lesser pain way. I’m saying this through my very own experience.

This happened few years back perhaps around my teen years.

There was this guy who likes me so much (I could tell how serious he was) and it took him years before he could finally say it to me. It was a huge chance for him. There was no one else but us in his place, listening to some anime songs choosing which one of those hundreds of song is to be downloaded and burn. If there’s something we have in common, it was the Japanese manga series, music and language. We’re both addicted to it. He even has all these expensive collections of Japanese anime characters miniatures or whatever you call it. When he started talking, he was sweating; I could sense how nervous he was. His hands were shaking, his voice was trembling. He’s unstable but he was trying his best. It was impressive. I was impressed. I was flattered how my presence could make him shiver like that but I was honestly worried at the same time. I’m worried about him. Me. Us. The Friendship. That awkward moment when I can’t help but to feel the same thing he was feeling-the nervousness. I was nervous because I might say something I might regret after or something that might hurt him.

One of my most feared moment was being rejected and rejecting someone.

Why I fear being rejected?

Because it makes me feel a little less of myself. It makes me feel like I’m too dumb to be accepted. It makes me feel like I’m not worth it. It makes me feel worse. It depresses me. It makes me crazy. That’s one reason why it was so hard for me to reject someone-because I can totally relate.

My reason of rejecting someone: a very simple answer. I don’t like him or I like someone else (I think the latter would do). But I don’t usually use this line to reject someone. It’s too cruel, you think? No matter how much you say that it’s the best way. It‘s the most easiest, direct and honest way to wrap things up.  But for me, it’s not. I have my ways but I don’t think it’s working either. I would usually run around the bush. When I’m about to reject someone I will start the statement with..

I appreciate your feelings. I’m flattered you like me. You’re nice, kind and you thought so much of me. I am thankful, but you deserve someone better (better than me), someone who can return all your feelings and kindness and it’s not me. 

But that’s the irony of it because the very reason he’s courting you was because you are his choice-his best choice.

No arguments there.

But when he asked me,

Why don’t you like me? Was it because I’m not handsome (but he’s not so bad looking and it really doesn’t matter if he is, though I must admit, appearance do play an important role, but if you really like someone, it doesn’t matter how bad he looks like)?
Was it because I’m not rich (but they’re actually well off)?

He said, yeah, girls are like that, they always prefer someone good-looking and all. But wait, I would think who wouldn’t want that? After all it’s the first thing that would matter-the looks.

What about you guys?

I mean, I wanted to ask him, what about you? Didn’t you court me because you find me pretty or the kind? I mean, let’s not be hypocrite here.
We all have reasons.

But the very thing is that-we just don’t click. That’s all. You keep your reasons, I’ll keep mine.

Ugh. Explaining this to him would do no good. Why? Because whatever nice words you will say to him, he would not listen. He would simply want you answer-yes to him.
Let’s turn the table guys.

Picture this out.

What if I will confess that I like you (and you don’t like me for real), what would you do? Court me out of pity? You wouldn’t want to go out with a girl you don’t like, would you? Hit on me for your sexual advantage? (The usual thing a guy would do)? Ignore me? Or? Are you gonna tell me you don’t like me because I’m not pretty and definitely not your type? (Rarely things a guy would do)? Or just smile on me? or yeah, best line would be "I like someone else too! ^_^

Confusing eh?

But guys, life is like that. If not being accepted, you’ll be rejected. You will either be the one playing the rejecter part or the one being rejected. Take your pick. That’s life.  It was always been that way even before you were born. 

What I really want to say is that. Don’t feel bad about being rejected with your feelings towards someone because you will never know that someone else out there is looking you at the same time feeling the same thing because of you. It’s just a matter of who gets the chance first.

Does it make sense? Guess not! HAHA. 

bleeeh ;-P

lol. ^_^

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