September 12, 2011

Photo Challenge Day 9 (Shoes)

Janine's Shoes
Janine says..I only have few shoes that I often use. (It is because I love blouses/ shirts more than shoes.) I’m fond of using doll shoes (and sandals).My favorite is the blue doll shoe that has a floral design (third from the right) because it’s comfier to walk on and it’s cute. I actually bought it from Baguio for only 300 pesos only. Pretty much cheaper, db? I also love my school shoes. My mom owns the sneakers but since it’s my size, I’m the one using it. The shoes at the leftmost were bought by my father. As in, he really is the one who picked the design and bought it. Isn’t it sweet for a father to buy his children shoes which he picked by himself? :) Funny part was when he handed the shoes to me and excitedly fit it; I found out that it was not my size. DANG! So my sister had to go back to the store (Sanuk) where he bought it and exchanged it for one that’s my size. :) As you can see, they are all flat shoes. I hate high heeled shoes because it will just make me look thinner and they lead to foot pain. They torture my feet! Uhm, some of these shoes are owned by my sister. We almost have the same shoe size. She’s size 6 and I have the shoe size of 7. I am just lucky because she lets me borrow her shoes sometimes. :)

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