March 20, 2012

Job Fair + Hooding Rehearsal

Hello again! 

Just got home from our graduation practice (again) and I'm tired, sleep and totally drained. I just wish graduation will be over soon. T_T I'm really sick of all these practices. Pretty weird huh? When everyone's feeling so excited with the graduation, here I am complaining. But anyway, I am so glad I have a blog where I can whine up without others noticing it and feel better about it every time. 

Oh! so much for words, here's what we did last Monday :)
I'm not sure if I did mention the "job fair" thing organized by the school for our benefits which was by the way taken for granted by other graduate candidates (the very reason why our OJT moderator got really mad at us) because the graduates never bothered to submit their applications and others didn't even show up to the job fair. It was awful seeing those HR officer waiting for someone to apply and yet no one's coming in inside the classroom. 

Wait. I did apply by the way and she said I'll just have to keep my line open and blah blah blah. I dunno if she will really give a call or whatever but at least I tried, aye?

So, once again..

Let's see what happened on that Monday morning =)
See that girl? That's Janine signing up! She submitted 3 resumes to 3 different companies, of course, while I submitted one only :)

While Janine's inside that room having her interview, a few students came to take a peek on what's going on, half hoping they could get something for their advantage.
@the hallway when I saw these two guys :)
Me, Jyan (in tie) and RJ
in the hallway with this girl who just went out from the room laughing..LOL-I wonder why?
This is Esthel, remember her? the one who sang the song "Super Bass?"
while taking a break.
the guard! hehe..we're own our way out to go to Medical Hospital to visit Nico Chan! ^_^
oh! there he is. It's Nico suffering stomach pain that turned out to be "Amoeba"
three musketeers. haha!
there's THEM (and there's me taking the pic-great! the batch 2012 :)
hands forward! haha
Mai and Claire_Esthel (alone)_Neil and Mona
the quadrangle: starting point before we march ourselves on the way to the church this Saturday during the baccalaureate mass.
Last but not the least..

Jilla's undying smile :), at the backstage>quadrangle>hallway
 and the END :)

Last practice tomorrow! Yey! ^_^

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