May 24, 2012

Languages I Wish I'm Fluent In..

 note: scheduled post

Today's challenge, instead of ranting about LOVE, I switched to TOP FIVE instead.

Why? It's because, every time I start typing (and thinking what to say about LOVE), I always end up with nothing. Geez. 

I mean, I don't know how to rant with one specific topic. My bad eh? :) But I asked someone to do a guest post (someone who I think is the best person to ask for now since he went through a pretty serious f*cked up relationship just recently) and I hope he's not too busy to do it. He has his ways of excusing himself nowadays. hmp!

Anyway, to proceed..


  1. JAPANESE -I had 1 semester of Japanese class way back 2years ago and I'm pretty bad at it. I wanted so much to learn but time did not permit it. 5months less was not enough to learn such difficult language. Not to mention the writing and reading part. Plus, I am not in good terms with someone who used to teach me Japanese. Shit. I miss talking to him. HAHA! But I'm making my ways to revive all knowledge I learned. I'm trying to keep in touch with my instructor and he said that I  can go to his office anytime and get some modules (since I lost mine during the flood).  Also, the reason why I am very much interested with the language it's because, I am always been a fan of Japanese cultures and tradition-movies, animation and such :)
  2. FRENCH-I used to learn French when I was in the convent but it was hard to read and it's hard to pronounce. HAHA! So, I stop learning. ^_^ But since I wanted to go to Paris, France-that's why.
  3. MANDARIN-since I love Chinese and Taiwanese drama series and movies and learning the language would require me not read the subs anymore-which would be awesome. aye? :)
  4. KOREAN-same same with Mandarin. I watch Korean series a lot and sometimes the subs in the series are so not-understandable.
  5. RUSSIAN-I just love RUSSIAN :)
There you go! What could be your TOP FIVE LANGUAGES YOU WISH YOU'RE FLUENT IN? care to share?

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