June 26, 2012

12 Men In A Year

I'm currently watching this Korean drama series "12 Men In A Year" don't worry this is not a review" ^_^, it's just that..

It's my sister! 

she keeps telling me that I will never get myself a boyfriend. That I'm pitiful because I'm single. Jobless and unluckily penniless :( 

At some point, she's right. 

But what can I do? It's not like I'm gonna die not being in a relationship, right? But probably die of famished. 

Sure, being in a relationship seems to be fun. You have someone with you not all the time but atleast someone who's oblige to "think" of you every now and then, if he even bothers. lol
Someone who will treat you out for a date (waste money on you) and greets you in the morning, afternoon and evening. Someone who will constantly sweep you out of your feet. Someone who acts nicely, treat you like a princess or even a queen. Someone who says sweet nothings. Someone who will argue with you, laugh with you or worse makes you cry but will kiss your tears away in the end. Someone who can turn your world upside down. Someone to think of and someone other than friends and family you can build your future with..

Should I go on?


I'd rather not. 

I might not stop :)

You see. There are some good aspects of having a relationship but as I mentioned in my previous (so long ago) post, there were reasons why I remained single and my sister just don't get it.

You think I should get one?

and then snap!

Nope.  I don't think so. I'd rather be single than to go out with different guys I don't like :p 

Hmm..I remember my cousin once told me, 

you should find a guy who likes you more than you do.
but I actually prefer the contrary. 

I don't know why. It's just that. I am more than happy being with someone I like a lot even if he likes me less. weird eh?

Hay. I dunno how will this topic ends up but basically I need to connect the whole thing to the title "12 Men In A Year" ..

..hmm, I was thinking of giving myself a break. aye? I need to loosen up a little. 

I need to start hunting-GUY HUNTING..

and we even come up with a style. 

whatever that is, it will be shared once it's being realize :)

As for now, a question was being raised.

Which would you prefer. He/She likes you more than you do or the contrary?

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