July 03, 2013

What It's Gonna Be?

So, here's how I would start my serious come back, I mean, the real thing, not this kind of writing, the usual one (not that this isn't my usual or whatever). I'm gonna go a through a throwback series. From my first (and following day) at work til' my last day. What I've been up to last Christmas and New Year, this year's valentines and holy week. Where I have been after the resignation and what's keeping me busy now. Oh la la! I have a long list, mind you!And of course, I'm gonna flood you with photos. :D It won't be me blogging with no photos, aye? :)

First thing first, I need to gather my photos-edit and put them up on collage so it won't be too annoying to see :P Problem is, I can't find it yet. I know I stored it somewhere. I swear, I will find it tonight :) So, that's all for now. Gotta go bloghopping first before keeping up myself busy for the next post. 

Later :)

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