May 27, 2012

Wedding.Chill.Dinner and a Stranger.

I miss you guys! I'm so sorry about yesterday. I have no idea about that Josh Dennis and I wasn't playing with my phone =p I think it was my friend who mistakenly published that when he installed Blogger app in my phone :)

But anyway, no challenge today because I chose to share my yesterday. ^_^ So, what's with yesterday? 

We went to a friend's wedding. oh! While on a wedding, a lot of things were running through my mind. Mostly about my cousin's (this July) and my brother's upcoming wedding this Nov. I'm a little curious with everything-esp. the Bride's makeup! ^_^ 

But anyway, you'll going to be the judge of everything-courtesy of me, of course. For now, I'm sharing to you my friend's wedding..(it was just a very simple wedding and the reception was held at the bride's residence)

..We're the supposed to be usherettes and supposed to be in the church half an hour before the ceremony for briefings and blah blah blah but unfortunately, we're late! HAHA. When we arrived in the church, we wanted so much to hide and just disappear but shh, glad to see the bride was still inside the car, 
Rhel (bride)
 so meaning, we're not really that late, we just missed the briefing and we're not able to do our part as usherettes-to assist. 

To start the wedding, let me introduce..except Grace (since she's part of the entourage), the USHERETTES-late!!! HAHA!
little brides :)
and then, Janine and Matet with their unbeatable plastic cellophane!!!
sorry ladies :D love you both ^_^
Exchanging vows! Didn't get a close up shots since the Priest was so strict. lol. he hates to see photographers around the altar. hmp! Plus, I'm so small to compete with the other photographers-char! hahaha!
While the rest of the people were so busy..

My friends were busy doing something as well :)
A card for the newly wed :)
retouch and what's that Matet? whispering???
Finally! The newly wed..

Newly wed with..

where am I? oh! I was the one who took the photo. too bad huh? :(

After the wedding ceremony..
Matet (after eating) left early for work..
with her x. haha!
Just before we left..
..on the way home, we stop for a while. 
-home? nope, we decided to chill for a while at Kyla's Bistro..
we had few beers :D

then this guy from a distance caught my attention..I tried to steal one photo from him (I actually  took one shot after all) and my heart stop when he looked at him, I was so scared he'd be mad since he glared at me. HAHA! but's the pic.
that's him! haha!
Can you see the photo clearly? Hehe. cute isn't he? but he seem snob. lol. and he's really scary, because after we took the shot he started staring at us. oh. scary! haha!

Anyway. since Grace decided to left home early as well and Janine and I were hungry, we had a quick stop at KFC for dinner :)
and then went home. 

What a nice Saturday with friends :)

What did you do yesterday by the way?

I will resume my everyday challenge tomorrow.

xoxo :)

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