July 10, 2012

Who's your WORST and BEST TEACHER/s EVER? Care to share?

It's been a while since I had my last challenge post. This was supposed to be posted a week ago but I can't complete the list and still trying to think whose name to write (not) ;-P

Some of you might be aware about me being in college for 10 years, 4 schools and shifted four times so that makes this post a little bit more complicated. I can't remember anymore the name of the instructors I had for the past 10 years but let me give it a try..

Let's begin with the worst teachers ever. I prefer not to mention the school and the name of the instructor.

Top 5 Worst Teachers

5. My GEOMETRY professor. She failed me. She never gave me the chance just because she doesn't like. She didn't let me take the removal exam because she hates me. Ugh!?! I hate her. She's one of the worst for me because she let her personal feelings gets into the way which unfair. I guess?

4. My ENGLISH instructor. Hmm..She was actually a good teacher but she favors more on guys in class than girls. tsk! weird eh? Plus, I don't like the way she handles her class. I mean, I don't think I'm in the position to critic her but she's too bookish. When we have quizzes she would never consider any other answer (even if it has the same meaning or whatever)-she's narrow minded, which I think is not good for a teacher like her. Also, she's not friendly. She acts tough in a laughable way and she had this weird color combination style of outfit. Hay. Now, I'm being mean. 

3. My P.E instructor. During class he'd always look at me like I was a sore eye to him. He would raised his eyebrow and smile like a demon just because I was a friend of the cutiest guy in class. Ugh! So gay!!!  

2. She was my GENERAL BIOLOGY instructor. For me she was one of the worst because she has this "favoritism" attitude. I hate it! 

1. He was my TAXATION instructor. Why? Because he doesn't look like a teacher to me. He's weird and he's scary. I don't like the way he talks. His looks  was untidy. The way he look at girls (dirty!)..that's all.

Top 5 Best Teacher 

If I were to choose I'd write only one teacher because for me there's no other one, but the challenge says 5. Hay!

5. He was my RIZAL (History) instructor. He carries with him his book during class but never open it, maybe because he knew already what's in there. He was the most impressive instructor ever. One thing I could never forget about him was during our first quiz..It was an essay and the topic was..
"Why would we study history? Why study the life of Rizal?"
Everyone was doing their best. They had like half of the paper filled with flowery words and I had just like 2 sentences on it. When he had our papers he randomly read our answers and laugh and then said, 

-I think nobody got the right answer, 
Class, do you know what's the answer I'm looking for? 
We're studying this subject because we need to. We're oblige to and it's part of the curriculum and if we don't, none of you will ever graduate. 

HAHA! Everyone got 8 points and I got 10. Why? That's a secret I will never tell. xoxo. lol

4. Next was my NEW CONSTITUTION instructor. I've been trying to remember his name but I can't. But he was for me one of the best. He's fair. He's lively. He always left us hanging. He's really a good teacher and he always have time for his students. He learns from us, we learn from him. That's how it goes-always.  He spent most of his time listening to his students and it's impressive. I never met any teachers who wasted their time with his students that much.

3. My PHILOSOPHY  instructor. He taught me well, that's all I could say.

2. Would be 3 persons all equal. My ACCOUNTING, CALCULUS and CULINARY instructors. 
Why? simply because, they're like two in one. A teacher and a friend :)

1. My TOP would be-She was my SPEECH instructor. She was the smartest instructor (aside from my Principal in high school) I ever came across with. She was funny and I never get bored in her class. Her students would always come to class excited. Those kind of things. She never give extra points. What you give is what you get. That's her way of grading. hmm..that's what I like her most. I learned from her a lot. It was in her class that I always wanted to get a perfect score. It was her class that I enjoyed the most. ^_^ 

Do you have anyone in mind right now? Care to tell? :)

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