May 09, 2012

Film vs Digital and Wedding Songs To Worry About (Help Me ^_^)

As I was browsing my photo albums today,  I stumbled into this old photograph with my cousin.

She is the closest person I have. We practically grew up together, although, I am 1 year old than her. That means, she's 16 at when this photo was taken. She's like a sister to me. We share a lot of things in common. We don't feel ashamed with each others dirty closet. We're so close yet so open at the same time. Whenever she asks for a favor, I don't refuse nor hesitate as long as it is within my reach. Like typical sisters, we fight-a lot.

So here's the thing..

She is getting married in two months to her boyfriend of 9 years. Imagine that? Ugh. How could someone stay in a relationship that long? All the while she's in relationship, here I am enjoying the life of being single :D I remember the longest one I had was 2months? although, I do had an on and off relationship with John, remember him? my first boyfriend that I shed tears with non-stop when I heard he's missing during the flood Sendong that ravaged the lives of so many in the city of Cagayan de Oro last December 2011. That was the most tragic event that ever happened in my family. I'm still not over it. I can't imagine what my family went through. I wasn't in the city when it all happened, if you remember, I was in Manila for my on-the-job training. But anyway, that's not what I'm supposed to share. Haha! I got carried away. lol..

So, anyway, back to reality now..

She's asking me to help in organizing the wedding, I'm in-charge with the song thingy! What do I put in my list? I have no idea about wedding songs. Ugh. Weddings are indeed the most stressful event ever! Do you have any idea? I mean, you might wanna suggest some songs? classic? or new or whatever that I could write down? Anyone?

hmm..let me know if you have songs in mind so I could present it to her, aye? :-p 

Thank You! ^_^

to wrap this all up.

this is us, 10 years after :) 

Can't get enough of a peace sign huh? :D well, that's just me. 

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