March 04, 2012

It's Fun To Be With Them :D

Whoa. I miss posting pics with my classmates. Ever since the second semester, we've been busy with OJT requirements and OJT itself and so we find it hard to be together and have fun together, not until last Wednesday plus last Wednesday :D

Finally OJT's from Cagayan de Oro, Cebu City and Manila City meet all at once :D 

Like I mentioned in my previous post, we're kinda busy for our graduation application and clearance-blah blah blah. Lots of papers to be sign, fill and answer. sucks!

Like this one?
That's our application for graduation. But see that paper on the top left? Yeah. We need to answer that one before the Guidance sign our application. Mind you! We did not answer 1 paper only but I guess it was around 5 with lots of questions about self assessment, school activities satisfactory and much more and I'm telling you! maybe, 2/10 only answered it seriously, mm..that makes it 3/10 including me, btw :)
But anyway, this was 2 weeks ago during HRM day. There were activities, competition but since I did not bring with me my camera, I can let you show what happened really. In these photos (on the right side), we're waiting for the "Flairtending" competition to start. Unlike last year's event, I'd say, this year was sort of a failure because only few numbers of students were there to participate. Sad, but true.
Pics on the left was taken during proper competition in flairtending. That was a good spot for us because we can see the whole performance thing-flawlessly. Too bad, again, to say that I didn't managed to even record one performance. Oh! no. first time :(

Another pics were taken during snack time :D This was after the event. We didn't wait for announcement of winners, instead, we straight ahead to McDo to eat. yay! I only had coffee and the rest had their McFloat :D
 Outside McDo :)

-going home ^_^

And then last Wednesday during our Symposium. ^_^ 

Another food trip..get to know them :)
this time @ GREENWICH :)
Oh! If you wanna see an old post/s about them, check it out here :) since July, 2011..^_^
Things we do during class :) Laughter is the best medicine :D and another Greenwich post :)
See you next week! ^_^

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