April 13, 2012

What You Drink You Vomit! (The Behind The Scene of Love Story In A Bottle Of Liquor)

This was the scene behind (a follow up post, as promised) the post last Dec. 29-Love Story In A Bottle Of Liquor. I promised I would upload the video I took/recorded when my roommates/classmates/friends got wasted over a bottle of vodka and beers.

This was last Christmas, remember we were in Manila that time for our on the job training and we had exchanged gifts and out of the 9 girls only me, Janine and Gladys (I think) did not drink, not even a sip of that liquor and beer. We just watched them whined up and go wasted. HAHA!

I think I had 5videos of these but let me share first this one. I tired so hard to translate this one but I can't. Although, I hope in the video will somehow give you the idea of what was happening..but while you play the video, I'll try to explain what's happening and who's in it.

That's Aiko, wearing the green sleeveless, then Titay was wearing the black one, helping out Sharisse (the one who's puking). That was Casey pointing her finger at me saying "Put that on Blog Mai Yang" (that's what I'm doing now) haha. I am so sorry guys, it's all in the past now, so, no big deal I guess? hehe.. You can hear people talking and what they're saying was "no one can know about this, okay?" HAHA. but, what? I just put it on blog, so bloggers? shhhhhhh..

It's Friday the 13th. Have a good one! ^_^

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