November 13, 2011


So Yesterday..

Tipsy day to every one of you =))

Our day started with a slice of orange, twist of lime and drop of cherry & lemon-garnishes. HAHA! 


Here's what happened today yesterday:)

I mentioned in my previous post that I will be having my exam today yesterday, and yeah, I had my exam today yesterday. It was a tough one and we really had a hard time figuring things out. I changed my drinks at the last minute, from Vodka Tonic-Bacardi and Black Russian-Brave Bull, omg! thank God I was able to memorize the concoction and somehow made it through alive :)
We messed up at wine serving though T_T, but still-we're able to cope.

without further ado..

After the written exam. While waiting for our turn to do the mixing thingy :)

Mona and Neil started the actual cocktail mixing.
Casey and yours truly :)
Janine and Princess :)
Yen and Dawn :)
Shella and Neil
and last but not the least-Sharisse :)
Pour Masters (Master Pourer-LOL)
Name the base liquor in these shot glasses :) -got 4 correct answer out of 7 ;-p
@Wine Service :) -we almost fail the exam because of this!!! ugh!
Cleaning Time! 
Misc: just fooling around =))

Job well done! Hello Graduation =))
Oh! @my classmates :) guys! videos are right here :)
Neil and Shella :)

Dawn :)

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