July 15, 2011

Street Kids 2

Beware of Misconceptions.Ü *MERELY*JÜST4FÜN*
-Smile..it scares your enemy :D
Today was one hell of day! We had Greek Cuisine in our Culinary Arts and our group prepared the Greek style pasta with shrimp kind of food. Among the others, we finished it first. After all, what we did was just to precooked the pasta then put it on that sauteed shrimp sauce with brandy. Anyway, as much as I wanted to share with you our activity earlier today, well, I changed my mind (like somebody cares? hahaha!)..maybe I'll share it tomorrow :)
As for now, I will share to you what happened on my way home..
Right after our class today, I went to my aunt's office and since it's not that far away from school, I decided to just walk over there, partly to save money and take photos of  the river, the bridge and the houses under the bridge. When I was at the end of the bridge, just maybe a 5meters away from the gate where my aunt's office is, a group of kids are asking me to take them a photo. Actually, there are 4 of them, but only 3 who really did approached me and said "Ate, please take a picture of us", then I smiled and said, "sure"..then..tada!

street kids

Did you ever had that experience that you felt so exhausted from your everyday activity and one smile from a strangers take that all away? Well! I did. These kids definitely turned my day into something bright even if it's twilight already. Their genuine smiles brings laughter to my eyes. Kids should be taken care of. Unlike in movies (even in real life), they're being used as a tool to earn, to do something illegal, and most often, they're being kidnapped by some freaky gangs and make them beg for money anywhere in the city. They then become beggars, vendors, snatchers and drug addicts. Some grew up and ended up in prison due to countless of crimes, unable to experience the life that is given to them, a life that should be enjoyed, live, appreciate, love and cherish and not to be hated and cursed. 
-If only kids could stay as what they are in the photo.
A pain reliever smile
If only they could stay innocent and carefree forever as what they are now..
Maybe life will be Happy and Free for everybody :D 

Let's hope for best everyone! thank you :)

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