July 11, 2012

An unanticipated trouble caused by DNS changer virus! Please beware, we got hit!

Recently we got hit by the newly spread virus that has been said to be fix and shut down already. Though our pc seems to be working just fine now than days ago, I still can't get over with the fact that it actually infected us almost unnoticed. 
It started maybe 3-5days ago when my brother complained about his files went missing. I don't know what to answer him since I also had my fair share of complaints. When Jojo check on it, he told us that it came from my sister's USB and can't be deleted. It attacks on files by hiding it. Then I told him that yesterday it prompted that it runs out of memory so I have to close some programs and restart my pc. I still didn't know what to do since last night it totally annoyed me. I can't get sign in my facebook, I can't open my emails and this is how it looked.

It's annoying!!!

I gave up after a few tries and decided to just use my phone but guess what????! I can't connect to the internet!!! Really? even the WIFI??? You gotta be kidding me :(

Until Jojo decided to just reformat the pc, reset the wifi settings and poof! back to normal, but the thing is, I have to change the password of my every accounts and I got plenty of them :( 

I hope none of you is experiencing the same thing. However, please be cautious with whatever you plug in, in your pc/laptop so won't have to undergo this problem like me, kay?  :)

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