August 23, 2011


I'm running out of things to share because it's our midterm exam (can't think straight, really!) and my sister borrowed the camera for my niece's presentation this Friday. I hope this one here will do.

Do you have facebook? Have you heard of archivedbook, this site enables you to view your archived 
statutes, wallposts, links, videos etc. for the past few years since you sign up to fb. It was really fun reading those things.. and blah blah blah..

But anyway, the thing is, when I checked out my video post, I saw this very familiar video taken 10months ago @White Island (CAMIGUIN ISLAND)..Ü 

That was my first time at that particular place, I mean, I grew up in Camiguin Island but haven't been there the whole time I was there and I was really amazed by it's beauty. I shared already some pics from this trip but this time, I'm sharing you our video (we took for our friends), but you're free to check out this post ISLAND BORN OF FIRE (CAMIGUIN ISLAND) where I posted some pics (of us) around the Island. 

Can you hear the sound of the waves? Whoa! the breeze of the air was awesome. It was heaven..(exaggeration much? hehe)
Nah. really!
While we're approaching the Island, we can't help ourselves from saying "WOW" -that's it. speechless. lol

fin ^_^

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