February 15, 2012

Valentine's Date

Hello fellas! I'm so back, not for good though ;-)
Right now I can hear Adelle singing, performing at 54th Grammy's, oh! It's a replay anyway, in case you're wondering. hehe

By the way, how was your valentines sweeties? 

Did your boyfriends take you out, or did you take your girlfriends out for a date? C'mon..spill! hehe..

As for me, I had a date with my girl-friends. Awesome right? We had dinner and karaoke after :) -as usual. 

Cheer up! ^_^ -that's for myself :)

Time to flood you with pictures now, but first..let's see how was my valentine's last year..^_^

I was with my friends last year also, oh, and I was with John, my still missing friend :(, it was his first time to meet my friends too-first time and I dunno, maybe last. Oh! I don't wanna think about it.


I was taking pictures of lovebirds from up above (in the Mall). (I was on the second floor at that time, I mean, we're on the second floor spying. hehe)

While these partners we're having their time of their lives,
 one person looked so sad and loveless, lol
 and then I saw a very familiar faces ;-) a classmate of ours, It's Maggie with her boyfriend! whoa ;-)
and then, there's Aiko and her bestfriend :)
and there's us..

dinner @Kyla's Bistro with Ailyn, Rhel and Janine and the one who took the pic was Rhel's boyfriend :D
after dinner, oh. same same-karaoke :D our favorite past time.


Same as usual, we had dinner, this time, with Grace's @ Rosso Restaurant Mallberry Suites ^_^
and we end the night @Silver Rain karaoke bar =)
Our Valentine 2012 was indeed the simplest as ever. ^_^
that's all. Happy Valentine's Day once again :D

Happy Blogging :)


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