April 29, 2012

Revenge Is Better Than I Expected :)

I've been having a rough time since the start of March. There are some issues that I haven't shared with you and chose not to..yet. Though lately I'm starting to think that maybe it's best to ramble about it since I don't like keeping something stressful to myself. ^_^

oh! It's been days since my last post and I'm not proud of it. Yeah, definitely not proud because I have all the time in the world to post anything but unfortunately I can't find something worth sharing for. I had few drafts but most of those were kind of better left on draft, you know what I'm saying? Also, someone requested me that I should write a letter to Baby Joseph (you can check the site----->click here =) but I can't think of anything to say, really. I'm screwed :(( but maybe you wanna give it a try :)

Huh! You might be wondering what's with my title post have to do with my entire post. It's because while doing this (typing to be specific) I am watching a Revenge tv series marathon. Heard of this? the story is thrilling and very interesting (according to me). ^_^ 

Anyway, how was your weekend? I had a pretty hot day. My cousin showed up at our house to pick me up and asked me to accompany her (in between 11am-1pm). We went to McDo near Limketkai Mall and stayed for a while, we had floats for an hour while she did her thing (downloading some andriod apps in her phone) and went inside the mall to look up some fancy phone :D hooray! I didn't find one. that's a bad news. ^_^

I think I'll have to prepare our dinner now (just the rice) since I'm all alone.

Have a great weekdays ahead :)


oh. just in case..sorry about this nonsense post :)

April 24, 2012


Today I'll be posting a letter to Janine. I actually gave her a card this afternoon but I screwed up with my message and my handwriting. It was an epic fail! I've wasted too much papers for the drafts and even wasted 1 cute and adorable card because I was struggling with my thoughts on what to write and how to start. Gosh! It was awful! I'm telling you! But I told her I will make it up to her :)
Since card could be boring after receiving two same cards from me, I decided to just blog my letter for her :)

here we go..


Dear Biatch!

Happy birthday again! (sumo kaau!) haha! 

God knows already how thankful I am to have a friend like you, though few people would say, "Mai, Janine is blessed to have you as a friend" but they're wrong. It was me who's the lucky one. Despite our differences, we're able to maintain our closeness and passed through whole college years without any conflicts at all, no misunderstanding, no silent mode treatments, no girl stuff fighting and such. Our differences actually brought us together (not tore us apart) and made us whole as friends. Others would say it wasn't normal for friends not to fight, or in a simplest form, friends who went through a lot of misunderstanding and conflicts has more better foundation than the other way around, which I think it's crazy, aye? like we care anyway? aye? HAHA.

For the past 4 years, you never changed. You've always been the same girl I met at the cashier's lobby-so quiet and shy. I remember I was making fun of you when Matet told me you're from Luzon and speak less of our vernacular language, I can clearly recall the exact phrase na hirit naku "So, tagalog palaka? Butiti alam mo!" HAHA! I don't remember you being amused with that phrase. lol. When I checked your schedule, hooray! we have one subject together "Microbiology". Even though we only get to see twice a week and had one class together, we still became close and more closer each day that passed. It's amazing, right?

This is the time when I get to say..

Remember that time? (blah blah blah)

Oh! I remember our first movie together. TWILIGHT! haha! It took me time to convinced you to watch it with me because you thought it was a horror film. Since then, movies has become one of our favorite past time and it's unstoppable and hardly miss any of the "must watch" movies. 

You became my shopping buddy and my travel buddy. ^_^
Our first city getaway was in Bukidnon with my sister, her boyfriend and Shin2x :) and then we went to Camiguin. ^_^

Remember if we don't have enough money, we'd always stay away from any department store (CRISSA and BNY in specific) to avoid spending it with clothes? HAHA!
When we ask other friends to come with us (during lunch) they always decline our invitation because they don't want to spend much like the way we do?  because you always chose Jollibee daw and they'd say, they can't afford your likes? Haha. Silly, aye? 

Then months and year passed we made some friends. We met Nico, Nikki, Chingee, Ching, Jyan and Yen. no more me and you but still we remain the same and then Mcdo became our tambayan ^_^

Gregg and Chan came along..

We've been to different places with Matet, Rhel, Grace, and Ailyn. We were with them during CEBU-BOHOL tour and SINULOG. ^_^

We went to Davao with Grace and together we invaded Manila and just late last year and early this year we went to BAGUIO and ILOCOS. Oh! I will miss everything about you for sure :)

We have countless memories together for four years. You've been such an amazing friend. You're always there for me to listen, to lend a hand, to eat with me, to shop with me, travel with me and spend some quality time with me. You're the nicest being I have ever met. You easily laugh at our corny jokes and scream with our horror stories. 
 In class, we're always partners in group projects and assignments. Remember every time there's a duo task? none of them would ask any of the two of us to be their partner because they would always have this thinking na "kita gyud always" HAHA!


Everytime I look back, I can't trace any sad/painful memories with you and I am happy because I started my life in Lourdes College with you and ended it with a blast with you and the rest of our friends :)

Thank you for simply being you. And I will say this over and over again..Thank you for loving and accepting me as who I am and who I am not :)

I really appreciate it :)

You are indeed! One in a million. I hope you had a great day yesterday! ^_^


Parang summary lang eh no? mm..parang a piece of a whole summary page lang. haha! yaan muna :)
I'm pretty sure you know already the things I wanted you to know. I think I said it all before na sa other letters naku. Just sometimes you have to know that you are special, smart and dapat confident na ka, now that you earn your degree na! Have a little faith in yourself :)

Thank you for everything and I'm looking forward for our next trip (with our own expense na this time)-BATANES, hopefully or abroad! yay! ^_^

note: I have so many things to tell but I just can't find the right words to say. HAHA! next time :)


April 23, 2012

There's Something About Her That Makes Her So F*ckin Pefect!

Today you will get to know more about Janine. I know, a few of you probably had an idea about her. She was my guest during my photo challenge and been my constant reader ever since :) -awesome, aye?! I've been trying to convince her to blog (since she loves to write and really good at it) but she kept saying no. She would usually say, I'll just be the reader. Hell! Haha!

I wanted to talk about her in this post but my shoulder hurts and my eyes are tired, maybe because I haven't had enough sleep lately. 

Anyhow, I wanted to let my bloggers know how lucky I am to have her as a friend..

I made this for her. hah! I am not satisfied with my work but I hope somehow it will make her smile :)
It has some freaky copyright in it so I'm not sure if you can actually view this video but I really do hope you can because I really what to know what you think about this :)

April 22, 2012


Hi guys! 

I am so sorry for the lack of updates, I've been busy with a lot of things (not to mention how awful our internet connection was), I never had the time to leave comments to every blog I visited. I felt terrible.

I didn't do anything much for the past few days so I have nothing much to share either :) though I hope everyone of you are having a great weekend :) 

Just sharing some pics my sister took with my niece :)

I'm off to visit your blogsite now :)

Once again, have a great weekend :)

April 18, 2012

Please Hear Me Out!

reminder: Drink moderately!
This is the last one :)

Casey just can't stop speaking FILIPINO and ENGLISH! haha!

Watch her as she kept on talking even though no one's listening to her :D

You see? this is what happen when you're away from home. HAHA! 

A mess up room and a wasted friends. ^_^

I am telling everyone to sleep now, so goodnight! ^_^

April 17, 2012

Off To Bed (But Still Can't Stop Rambling)

Just a continuation! ^_^

Better not understand anything because they've been uttering some awful words! haha! at the last minute, I was looking for my tumbler. haha!

April 15, 2012

The Bitch Who Stole His Heart and Emptied His Pocket.

note: this isn't my story to tell but since I knew about his situation, I think my blogmates deserves a piece of this :)

tell me what you think after ^_^

The Saying
~ Give, but do not allow yourself to be used; Love,but do not allow your heart to be abused; Trust, but do not be naive; Listen to others, but do not lose yourself.
The Guy

A friend of mine. Smart. Intelligent. Mr. Nice Guy. Understanding. Generous. and STUPID!

The Girl

My friend's co-worker. Sweet. Liar. Player. and a BITCH!

The Rant

Last night, I couldn't stop laughing while reading my friend's text messages. It wasn't the first time he shared something about his love life. His heart has been broken a few times already! And this isn't new to me either. I've watched my friends bleed Janine was one of them, well, to be fair, she wasn't that hurt really, she felt bad (yes!) because she didn't do anything to deserve all those lies and suffered due to a broken heart, most of them were girls. Well, that doesn't excuse me from heartaches. I broke my heart once and it was awful and seriously damaging, but duh? let's not talk about my broken heart. I'm so over it now. 

My point is, how could someone be so heartless to take advantage of someone else's feelings? They act as if they like him, they tend to be so sweet, utter sweet nothings to make you fall for them-to gain your trust. 


Only bitches do that. Bitches are leeches! They suck you, probably, they suck not your blood! lol, till your last drop to get what they want. They don't feel ashamed about it because they don't think about other people, they only think about themselves. oh! Oh! The leech, shameless bitch!

The Story

Few weeks ago, my friend had this rhetoric speech about his co-worker he fell in love with. I met the girl when I went to his work place after my brother's proposal. There was nothing special about her. But, that's not the point, aye? The thing is, he fell in love with her, for whatever reason, you'll find it out later. 

So, this girl is not as innocent as he thought. She's a single mom and yet acting like a bitch. I don't know when it all started. They just assumed they're in a relationship because they exchanged "i love you's" or more than that? (you know what I mean). My friend is a little extravagant you know. Whenever he has girlfriends, he tend to forget everything else,(like the gift he promised for my graduation) he'd give everything for his girl, money, time and effort. He's lured with the girl's flowery words and messages, maybe kisses and more than that. haha! (I am so dead!)

So anyway, to cut it short, he later found out that whatever they have or had, whatever, was all a lie. That the girl has been using him all along, to have someone she could ask for money when she needed it. Most surprisingly, what he believed to be a single girlfriend turns out to be a single mom, worse than that, an irresponsible single mom who use her kids for the sympathy of other,or so. That it wasn't the first time she did that to a guy. She did that a countless times already (which I find very unacceptable)-to every guy, to be exact.

When I first heard all of this, I don't wanna believe it. I even told him to ask the girl in person, so she would know what he thinks about her, or atleast, she wouldn't look stupid not knowing someone's lurking and saying some bad things about her. I told my friend to confirm it first, who knows that the one who told him only wants to back-stab the girl, right? or, maybe it's just her way of surviving. A lot of girls do that for a living, and I don't wanna be the one to judge. 

As much as I wanna take the side of the girl, seemingly hoping somewhere her dark facade lies a very disturbing truth behind her action, something that made her do that, something acceptable and reasonable enough, but when he told me it was her sister and her closest friend who told him because the sister and the girl's friend felt so bad, guilty and pitied on him that's why they wanted him to know, for his sake, and that he really deserves to hear it. 

But he found that out a few weeks ago!!! take note, a few weeks ago but he still go out with her!!! can you believe how stupid my friend is? Very stupid indeed! beyond comprehension! oh my!!! 

And now, he wanna break up with her, I'm not sure if he did it (because the last time he tried, the girl's sad face and i love you's made him forgot whatever it is that he wants to say to her) but I hope he really did. And now, penniless, he still loves her. HAHA! I know he hates her for playing on him, but he really can't deny the fact that despite of him noted as the smart one- he fell, took the bait and now was left BROKENHEARTED! HAHA!!!

I didn't mean to say this, but I do agree, it was him who did it to himself. He can't blame the girl for being so good about what she does. The bitch was an expert. Hands down!It was his choice to be used and to be fooled anyway. Knowing he knew about her earlier than now, and yet still, he didn't mind so much about it because he was hoping something..

..something STUPID! and now, look who's being STUPID?! hahahaha!

April 14, 2012

Drink! Whine Up and Get Wasted!

Another video from ! Last time you watched Sharisse in her most shining moment in Manila. This time, it's Aiko's time to shine as she unfolds her true feelings towards someone. This was so long ago and whoever was mentioned in this video, please, get over it. ^_^  

Everyone's blurting about something really nonsense. In this video, Aiko, was trying to stand up and can't stop saying hello to Janine, and was asking Janine, "why didn't you drink???? and then mentioned about me, how sorry she felt about the tragedy my family was experiencing at that time and the whole city of Cagayan de Oro.

Look at Aiko? haha.

Plus,! Our room was a mess. Sorry about that. haha

I asked Aiko if you're clever, why didn't tell the guy he loves that she loved him, and then Aiko answered, that the guy knew about her feelings.

And then look at Shariese? haha..can you see her peeking? haha! 

And then Casey's speaking in FILIPINO!!! Gosh. Everyone's so noisy! haha

Yeah. Everyone loves TITAY! haha

And then Aiko fell into the floor and was about to cry when Titay threatened her that she'll tell the guy about her feelings to the guy and then the girls end up reassuring her that no one will really know about it. hehe..

well, I didn't say anything :) shhh..<3

April 13, 2012

What You Drink You Vomit! (The Behind The Scene of Love Story In A Bottle Of Liquor)

This was the scene behind (a follow up post, as promised) the post last Dec. 29-Love Story In A Bottle Of Liquor. I promised I would upload the video I took/recorded when my roommates/classmates/friends got wasted over a bottle of vodka and beers.

This was last Christmas, remember we were in Manila that time for our on the job training and we had exchanged gifts and out of the 9 girls only me, Janine and Gladys (I think) did not drink, not even a sip of that liquor and beer. We just watched them whined up and go wasted. HAHA!

I think I had 5videos of these but let me share first this one. I tired so hard to translate this one but I can't. Although, I hope in the video will somehow give you the idea of what was happening..but while you play the video, I'll try to explain what's happening and who's in it.

That's Aiko, wearing the green sleeveless, then Titay was wearing the black one, helping out Sharisse (the one who's puking). That was Casey pointing her finger at me saying "Put that on Blog Mai Yang" (that's what I'm doing now) haha. I am so sorry guys, it's all in the past now, so, no big deal I guess? hehe.. You can hear people talking and what they're saying was "no one can know about this, okay?" HAHA. but, what? I just put it on blog, so bloggers? shhhhhhh..

It's Friday the 13th. Have a good one! ^_^

April 09, 2012

There's Nothing Much To Say..

I've been sitting in front of the laptop for almost an hour now. I originally wanted to share how frustrated I am thinking about that person in my latest post. Yeah, I guess he read my post and I really felt bad about it. I mean, I know I shouldn't. But somehow, I felt bad for that person, but I don't feel sorry at all. I meant everything I said in my blog. I just didn't think he'd read it or whatever. I didn't mean to hurt him that's why instead of confronting him, I blogged it. But I guess it was a bad move. I should have just ignore him in the first place. Oh! I'm going crazy. 

Anyway, I just got back. I went out to meet two of my friends this afternoon-Matet and Rose. I had a 15minutes walk from our house to Rose's office (our meeting place). It was hot but it felt good. When I got there, I saw Rose talking to some of her clients discussing something about car issues and Matet arrived just a few seconds after. When Rose was finally done talking with her clients, we went to her office and waited until 5. We talked for a while, mostly about Rose's love life and Matet's soon to be "wedding". Fine, I'm out of the picture, I am not the marrying type so I have nothing to share about love life, instead, I shared about my travel obsession. hah!

When Rose dismissed herself from her work, she called her boss and asked if she could go home already, after one quick phone call, plan changed, instead of going to Rose's place, we went to see her boss and her boss treat us for dinner. How cool! haha. Alright. after dinner, her boss sends us to our different destinations, Matet to meet her other friend and me-home. Matet wanted to see Rose driving so she asked her if she could drive, good thing her boss allowed her, but actually, it wasn't that bad at all since Rose wasn't really a bad driver. I was even envious of her. I really wish I know how to drive. haha. So all I did was to admire her. haha. So that's it. 

After parting ways, on the way home, I realized I miss Matet already. Yes. The reason we met today is that, to say our last goodbye to Matet, to give her a kiss and a hug before she'll leave the country in two days. Things are starting to change after graduation yet I don't feel the same. Haha. Matet is leaving the country to marry the man he loves in two months time. Whoa. engagements are indeed everywhere! 

that's all. thank you. haha! 

April 05, 2012

I've Been UNFRIENDED and Been Blocking People On FB Lately!

Have you ever blocked someone on fb? 

deleted or unfriended someone perhaps on your friends list? If you did,

..mind telling me your reasons? 

Do you think you did the right thing? 

Does it make you feel better after all? 

Do you think you're being fair? 

How many people (as you can remember) did you block or unfriend/delete in fb?


I know I'm being childish. I've been feeling a little down lately and I swear it has nothing to do with me blocking or shutting people out in my fb account. I am not usually the "blocker" type. I even accepts friend requests even if I don't know the person thinking that the reason he/she adds me because he/she wants to know me. Also, as long as we do have friends in common, that's okay. 

I am not sure what to feel if someone will unfriend me on fb or worst, block me. Oh! Yeah, I was unfriended with someone I met almost a year now, we had a huge misunderstanding and then I later found out that he unfriended me, yet, instead of feeling bad about it, I felt the contrary, because I was really thinking of blocking him also but he just happen to did it first, which was  a good thing. Aye? No need to expound the details. It was a very bad experience :)
Oh no! My memory was wrong. I wast unfriended  with other 3 different guys (that makes the guy above the 4th one).  They were my friends. HAHA! but the funny thing was, when I asked them, they have no idea about it. So, it turned out, it wasn't them who really blocked and unfriended me, it was their gfs. LOL
This first quarter of the year, I already blocked 4 friends in my friends list. I can't believe it!
to think that the two of them were my closest friends, who just happened to be a guy. The other one was a no friend of mine, the last one was sort of a friend on line. 
  • The first guy I blocked on fb was a friend of mine. I mentioned my reason in this post. who still my friend in my other account. haha! but I deactivated my other account so, I don't need to block him again.
  • the second and the third are partners. details are not to be tackled for now.

He keeps sending me messages in Italian. I find it annoying since I don't speak nor understand Italian. but thanks to google :) At first he thought I was a poser. That I am guy pretending to be a girl and been using other's identity or something. I swear I got mad but eventually I kind of get his point, maybe he really just wanna make sure he's making friends with someone who really exist or true or something. But he's becoming really weird, he's talking about love, admiration or whatever, he's sending me videos and all. He's not obsess but the way I understand his messages, I think he likes me or I don't know. It was flattering at first and then later I find it annoying. He sends me messages non-stop and I hate it! So, I blocked him. And yesterday, someone sent me this.. 
ciao sono un parente di severino giovanni e lui voleva sapere il motivo per cui lui non ti ha più tra gli amici 
Can you believe it?!!! 
Yeah, I know. He must be wondering why in the hell he can't find me on fb but you know, I haven't answered any of his messages anymore, well, I did a few times, saying sorry and that I don't have time with him and that I don't think we have to talk since we can't understand each other because he doesn't speak English and I really don't like talking to him and stuff. At least with that I thought he'd get my point, that I really don't like talking to him anymore, but he's persistent, no matter how many times I told him in Italian that, he still doens't stop sending me messages, so I BLOCKED HIM. and yeah, I was thinking of blocking that someone (who claimed to be his relative) who sent me that message above. 

I just hope he will not make another account or pretend to be someone else to add me again because I really had enough of his dramas. I'm being mean but I'm really annoyed of his action. I can't take it anymore :(

Oh! what a tiring holy week. 

April 04, 2012

Cliché Quote: I Hate Being Ignored!

Do not do unto others what you do not want others to do unto you.

I guess I was in high school when I first heard of this quote, or maybe not, perhaps, I heard it earlier than high school yet I didn't really understand a thing about what it meant until I was in high school or so or whatever. 

This quote isn't really my most favorite quote but I have this in mind for a long time now (well, one reason I just don't ignore suitors or people) and a part of me was shouting of injustice for a few weeks now. 



One thing I hate the most is being ignored. I mean, especially with someone whom you call a friend. Ignored in the sense that, he won't answer your calls, won't reply in your messages for no reason at all. It drives me crazy every time someone will do that. It bothers me, really. I mean, I'm really not the type of person who will just shut up for no valid reason (unless you will ask me nicely) and won't just let go of something that causes much trouble with my relationship with others easily. I always wanna know why things have to change between us, what causes the changed and why it has to happen?

So, the thing is, I hate ignoring my friends even if I'm not in the mood or whatever. I would always tell them, "not now" or usually, it can be written all over my face and I don't need to tell them. I also don't just ignore suitors, sometimes I would befriended them and make them feel that we can't be more than friends, or whatever again. 

I was ignored once with someone (years back), I mentioned about this in my previous post but I chose to put it on draft so no one can read it anymore since I wanna put it all behind. Part of that memory was my most desperate moment. I had my midterm exams and chose to skip it because I was preoccupied with stuff. I was glad I had Tess with me when it all happened. It somehow lessen the burden I was feeling because she was there to listen. She accompanied me to confront that someone but it didn't go well. I mean, I didn't confront the guy. I went to see him, I did see him though. He was somewhere near, in an internet shop-playing. What I did first was call (on the phone) him while I was looking at him from the outside. He just looked at his phone and continued playing, from that scene, I decided to drop everything behind. It was just too much to bear. We were having a good time catching up and just like a wind, he disappeared. 

But things were settled then.

I told myself I will never do that someone since I don't want anyone to feel what I felt before. I don't what that to happen to me that's why I never did it to anyone I know. It's simple as that. I was certain about that thought when I said that but suddenly..

I realized, things changed..

I just did it.."been ignoring someone for few days now"

Someone asked me to ignore him, and because that someone means so much to me, I can't say no.

I have my reasons though. I know it was for the best. I have no right to say it's for his best but it's the best for us, for all of us. He's getting too attached and for the eyes of many I became the bad person. I am confident I'm not. No details. HAHA! But something really made me decide to cut it off. No explanations needed. I just blew him off just like that. I know he must be wondering why, though, I also hope he'll get my point. And I know he will. It doesn't matter now if he'll hate me for what I did but I know one day he'll thank me for doing that. I just think that things will not be fix if I'm there for him to listen. He doesn't need a friend at this moment, he needs his behalf to sort things out and not a friend like me, definitely not me. He needs to realize that. And I hope he does..

I know we individuals have principles in life. We live by each principles. But let's not be a prisoner to that. Every thing change. Everyone one change. We changed. It's not a crime to change your principle as well. You should live with an open mind, with possibilities, with change. Life is a constant change.

Lols. I dunno why I came up with change. I don't even know if I blog it right either. I just hope you'll understand this post. haha. I kinda mess up right know and I don't know if I was able to deliver my thoughts the way everyone could understand. I HOPE I DID. If not, please complain. haha!

April 02, 2012

Feeling Better: I Won't Give Up On Us.

Your comment with my last post was overwhelming and I can't just ignore it. Thank you. I honestly believed I could get through this. I'm tough :) I love myself too much to do something stupid about it. I was just a little bit skeptical with things lately and been thinking really weird stuffs and it's creepy. I've been moody, mean and unreasonable. I easily get annoyed even with petty jokes which isn't so me. I used to be carefree, happy and wild but change is definitely inevitable. It's eating me up and I find it really hard to adjust. I just need to unwind and to blog. hehe ^_^

I've been longing to share this video to you guys. Dominic made this video version last valentine's day. It's really cute. You will see in the video how much effort he put into this song and how difficult this must be for him. But alas! it came out really cool :D So, I hope you'll find time to check it out. I swear, he has no knowledge about this and I don't think he'd mind though. I wish one day someone will make this kind of video for me. haha! 

Anyway, that's it. Yesterday was kinda tough for me, I don't wanna go into details but I was glad my cousin was so persistent and she got me do something against my will. haha! 

Oh! Maybe some other time, I will share to you what happened last night during the (I don't know the exact term) -when the guy ask the girl's parents of her hand for marriage-sorta! haha..we call it "PAMANHIKAN" in FILIPINO or whatever. hehe..I still don't have the pictures since we used my cousin's camera and she's out for some outing activity :D

I hope you had a great weekend everyone :D 


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