April 15, 2012

The Bitch Who Stole His Heart and Emptied His Pocket.

note: this isn't my story to tell but since I knew about his situation, I think my blogmates deserves a piece of this :)

tell me what you think after ^_^

The Saying
~ Give, but do not allow yourself to be used; Love,but do not allow your heart to be abused; Trust, but do not be naive; Listen to others, but do not lose yourself.
The Guy

A friend of mine. Smart. Intelligent. Mr. Nice Guy. Understanding. Generous. and STUPID!

The Girl

My friend's co-worker. Sweet. Liar. Player. and a BITCH!

The Rant

Last night, I couldn't stop laughing while reading my friend's text messages. It wasn't the first time he shared something about his love life. His heart has been broken a few times already! And this isn't new to me either. I've watched my friends bleed Janine was one of them, well, to be fair, she wasn't that hurt really, she felt bad (yes!) because she didn't do anything to deserve all those lies and suffered due to a broken heart, most of them were girls. Well, that doesn't excuse me from heartaches. I broke my heart once and it was awful and seriously damaging, but duh? let's not talk about my broken heart. I'm so over it now. 

My point is, how could someone be so heartless to take advantage of someone else's feelings? They act as if they like him, they tend to be so sweet, utter sweet nothings to make you fall for them-to gain your trust. 


Only bitches do that. Bitches are leeches! They suck you, probably, they suck not your blood! lol, till your last drop to get what they want. They don't feel ashamed about it because they don't think about other people, they only think about themselves. oh! Oh! The leech, shameless bitch!

The Story

Few weeks ago, my friend had this rhetoric speech about his co-worker he fell in love with. I met the girl when I went to his work place after my brother's proposal. There was nothing special about her. But, that's not the point, aye? The thing is, he fell in love with her, for whatever reason, you'll find it out later. 

So, this girl is not as innocent as he thought. She's a single mom and yet acting like a bitch. I don't know when it all started. They just assumed they're in a relationship because they exchanged "i love you's" or more than that? (you know what I mean). My friend is a little extravagant you know. Whenever he has girlfriends, he tend to forget everything else,(like the gift he promised for my graduation) he'd give everything for his girl, money, time and effort. He's lured with the girl's flowery words and messages, maybe kisses and more than that. haha! (I am so dead!)

So anyway, to cut it short, he later found out that whatever they have or had, whatever, was all a lie. That the girl has been using him all along, to have someone she could ask for money when she needed it. Most surprisingly, what he believed to be a single girlfriend turns out to be a single mom, worse than that, an irresponsible single mom who use her kids for the sympathy of other,or so. That it wasn't the first time she did that to a guy. She did that a countless times already (which I find very unacceptable)-to every guy, to be exact.

When I first heard all of this, I don't wanna believe it. I even told him to ask the girl in person, so she would know what he thinks about her, or atleast, she wouldn't look stupid not knowing someone's lurking and saying some bad things about her. I told my friend to confirm it first, who knows that the one who told him only wants to back-stab the girl, right? or, maybe it's just her way of surviving. A lot of girls do that for a living, and I don't wanna be the one to judge. 

As much as I wanna take the side of the girl, seemingly hoping somewhere her dark facade lies a very disturbing truth behind her action, something that made her do that, something acceptable and reasonable enough, but when he told me it was her sister and her closest friend who told him because the sister and the girl's friend felt so bad, guilty and pitied on him that's why they wanted him to know, for his sake, and that he really deserves to hear it. 

But he found that out a few weeks ago!!! take note, a few weeks ago but he still go out with her!!! can you believe how stupid my friend is? Very stupid indeed! beyond comprehension! oh my!!! 

And now, he wanna break up with her, I'm not sure if he did it (because the last time he tried, the girl's sad face and i love you's made him forgot whatever it is that he wants to say to her) but I hope he really did. And now, penniless, he still loves her. HAHA! I know he hates her for playing on him, but he really can't deny the fact that despite of him noted as the smart one- he fell, took the bait and now was left BROKENHEARTED! HAHA!!!

I didn't mean to say this, but I do agree, it was him who did it to himself. He can't blame the girl for being so good about what she does. The bitch was an expert. Hands down!It was his choice to be used and to be fooled anyway. Knowing he knew about her earlier than now, and yet still, he didn't mind so much about it because he was hoping something..

..something STUPID! and now, look who's being STUPID?! hahahaha!


  1. whoa! why's my name mentioned here? is it just coincidence that we have the same name? HAHAHA!
    Anyway, I think I know that guy you're talking about. :D He needs to be strong and do what's best for himself and walk away from the situation or he will get hurt even more. Stitch up his heart and find another girl. hehe.

  2. oh, what a poor guy... but you know, love is blind!

    It’s a GIRL Thing

  3. This woman actually is disgusting, I feel so sorry for the guy when I'm reading this.

    1. yeah, I felt sorry for him too but a little pissed at the same time. why can't he just confront the girl, right? simple! oh! guys are headaches :)

  4. I've been in similar situations to your friend. A lot. Maybe not to the extent that I've gone with a single mother, but I have been used a lot. I'm very susceptible to it really. Some would argue I'm still being used right now. As much as I may try to deny it, I'm a very emotional person and I fall for things like that so easy. I hope he did, or does, leave her, and realise that if he wants love that badly, he should hold out a little longer until it actually comes to him. I hope I can do that.

    1. oh my! really Mark? that is so sad. you should not let yourself being used with bitches! gosh! I hate users!

    2. I know I shouldn't, but when you have low self esteem and when you don't think very highly of yourself, you allow it to happen. There comes a time when any attention is good attention. When you're happy to just be useful.

  5. I can relate to this. Similarly, that was me 5 years ago. I no longer try getting into relationship again after that hateful experience. (in my case, my ex was a multiple/simultaneous timer) I'm okay and proud being single until now. I love freedom!

  6. he should learn his lessons from this =)

    kainis naman yung mga users at liars! sana magbago na sila!!!!!!!!!!

  7. All I can say is what goes around comes around and karma is a b!tch....

  8. Nope. I take the side of the guy. Taking advantage of someone when they're thinking with their emotions (as opposed to their head) is not something to be proud of.

    I hope that girl is forever alone and lives with 50 cats or something.

  9. kawawa naman ung friend mo. i hope he gets over her fast. and sana he wont make the same mistake again.

  10. Well all I can tell is your friend is an Idiot!!

  11. Hi your story is soo funny! I've met a lot of guys like that, they want to believe what those girls say and "be used" by them.. they need to stop and think for a second ;(


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