May 31, 2012

I Can't Find A Words To Say Goodbye

Exactly one year today was the last time I was with John,
we watched movie (it was his first to watch 3D) and was my last time to be with him. I really had fun watching him being so fascinated with the effect of the 3D glasses, he keeps taking it off to see the difference, if there's is any difference at all. He's such a kiddo. He always makes me laugh and smile. He keeps complimenting me. He always makes me feel pretty when I'm with him (I mentioned it already, aye?). He's not the best guy I've been with, but he's different. He's always been open with his love life and it feels good that after everything we've been through, he still trust me. And now, I think it's time to say goodbye..
I can't actually find the right words but will a simple goodbye would do?

I'm praying that wherever he is, he's at peace. 

I hope he knows that he will always be remembered and that I'm always be thankful that once in my life I got the chance to meet, to know and to be with someone like him. I am regretful for everything I did that made him feel bad about us, but grateful because he never take it against me. He remained to be a friend. A good friend.
I feel bad for not letting him feel how happy I was having him in my life. I hope you wouldn't do the same readers. Life is short, I've said this a million times but what I didn't know is that I made it shorter for keeping everything I feel (felt) by myself. It was a sad realization but it's not too late for you guys :D

So, if you truly appreciate someone's presence..let them know, it may not be easy for you but I'm sure it's worth it. Do not wait for them to disappear because it might be too late for you then. There is no such thing as the right time, just the right timing and confidence :D

As for John, I know I will never see you again though I just wish you're just somewhere out there stuck in an Island (like the castaway movie) waiting to be rescued, but I know it was just a wistful thinking :(

May 30, 2012

Favorite Holiday and Me In The Water

Challenge: Photos of me in my favorite holiday and place, followed by Me in the water (feat. Janine). I combined the two since it's in the same place but different time :)

Aside from this photo..(shared this one already) -feat. JANINE :)
and this crystal clear water right here..
Got another place in mind that I would choose to spend my holiday with over and over again..

This was last 2010 during my younger sister's high school graduation-almost holyweek. This was always been our favorite bonding during holidays-BEACH. ^_^ 

Oh please. HAHA! This is kinda awful ;-) but just bear with me on this, kay? :) There's no one around but us so we can actually do whatever and wear whatever without shame. HAHA! so, go ahead and laugh now! HAHA! But whatever, this is a, to hell with this one. ^_^

Beach is always and will always be one of my favorite spot and this place exactly is my sanctuary. I think I've shared this one already since I brought Janine here maybe 2years ago. Whenever I'm in my hometown, no matter how far this place is, I'd always make sure to pay a visit here-just to unwind and enjoy the serenity of the place. I love this place :D aside from this..

Is this..

ME IN THE WATER feat. JANINE :) Since I mentioned her already :) 

This was I think 7months after those photos above with my sibling :)
Janine and a starfish :)
that's it..two challenges in one's that? :)


Just some nonsense henna tattoo. haha

and finally..the end..
HAHA! that was a lot, wasn't it?lol. sorry for the floods. I didn't have much time to make a collage since it will be much of a hassle to copy these pics from my fb account, so I just pasted the URL :)

How about you lovies, what and where's your favorite holiday and with whom? :)

May 28, 2012

Top Five Favorite Excuses

This is gonna be fun! hehe. I hope people who I constantly turned down using these different excuses will not waste their time reading this-fingerscrossed :) 

Different excuses to different kinds of folks. 

Excuses for family members (cousins, aunts/uncles, parents, siblings)

  • I'm meeting a friend or I'm off to somewhere and I need something very urgent to attend to (usually for schools but since I'm not in school anymore, this time, it's sort of a job hunting matter), but I'm out with friends to watch movies or malling.
  • I already have a prior engagement..(but actually I'm just at home-blogging).
Excuses for friends
  • I have no money (I'm actually just feeling so thrifty and too lazy to go out)
  • I'm out with family (when I'm home at watching movies, blogging and sleeping)
  • My aunt ask me to run some errands (but the truth is, I'm off somewhere alone!)
 Lame excuses, aren't they? HAHA! but everything stated above do actually work sometimes..

HAHA! omg. O_O

Anyway, whatever! How about you lovies? Care to share your favorite excuses? :)

May 27, 2012

Wedding.Chill.Dinner and a Stranger.

I miss you guys! I'm so sorry about yesterday. I have no idea about that Josh Dennis and I wasn't playing with my phone =p I think it was my friend who mistakenly published that when he installed Blogger app in my phone :)

But anyway, no challenge today because I chose to share my yesterday. ^_^ So, what's with yesterday? 

We went to a friend's wedding. oh! While on a wedding, a lot of things were running through my mind. Mostly about my cousin's (this July) and my brother's upcoming wedding this Nov. I'm a little curious with everything-esp. the Bride's makeup! ^_^ 

But anyway, you'll going to be the judge of everything-courtesy of me, of course. For now, I'm sharing to you my friend's wedding..(it was just a very simple wedding and the reception was held at the bride's residence)

..We're the supposed to be usherettes and supposed to be in the church half an hour before the ceremony for briefings and blah blah blah but unfortunately, we're late! HAHA. When we arrived in the church, we wanted so much to hide and just disappear but shh, glad to see the bride was still inside the car, 
Rhel (bride)
 so meaning, we're not really that late, we just missed the briefing and we're not able to do our part as usherettes-to assist. 

To start the wedding, let me introduce..except Grace (since she's part of the entourage), the USHERETTES-late!!! HAHA!
little brides :)
and then, Janine and Matet with their unbeatable plastic cellophane!!!
sorry ladies :D love you both ^_^
Exchanging vows! Didn't get a close up shots since the Priest was so strict. lol. he hates to see photographers around the altar. hmp! Plus, I'm so small to compete with the other photographers-char! hahaha!
While the rest of the people were so busy..

My friends were busy doing something as well :)
A card for the newly wed :)
retouch and what's that Matet? whispering???
Finally! The newly wed..

Newly wed with..

where am I? oh! I was the one who took the photo. too bad huh? :(

After the wedding ceremony..
Matet (after eating) left early for work..
with her x. haha!
Just before we left..
..on the way home, we stop for a while. 
-home? nope, we decided to chill for a while at Kyla's Bistro..
we had few beers :D

then this guy from a distance caught my attention..I tried to steal one photo from him (I actually  took one shot after all) and my heart stop when he looked at him, I was so scared he'd be mad since he glared at me. HAHA! but's the pic.
that's him! haha!
Can you see the photo clearly? Hehe. cute isn't he? but he seem snob. lol. and he's really scary, because after we took the shot he started staring at us. oh. scary! haha!

Anyway. since Grace decided to left home early as well and Janine and I were hungry, we had a quick stop at KFC for dinner :)
and then went home. 

What a nice Saturday with friends :)

What did you do yesterday by the way?

I will resume my everyday challenge tomorrow.

xoxo :)

May 25, 2012

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Shuffling Ipod :)

 note: scheduled post
*Put you Ipod on shuffle: First 10 songs that play.*

So, I did. 

Here's what's in my list.

  1. Mannequin by Katy Perry
  2. Stick Around by Azure
  3. Sickness by Disturbed 
  4. Angels or Devils by Dishwalla
  5. With Arms Wide Open by Creed
  6. Korean OST of 49 days (I don't know the title since it's in Korean. haha)
  7. Rumor Has It by Adele
  8. Blood On The Ground by Incubus
  9. Hands Held High by Linkin Park
  10. Iridescent by Linkin Park
there you go :)

What's in your list lovies?

May 24, 2012

Languages I Wish I'm Fluent In..

 note: scheduled post

Today's challenge, instead of ranting about LOVE, I switched to TOP FIVE instead.

Why? It's because, every time I start typing (and thinking what to say about LOVE), I always end up with nothing. Geez. 

I mean, I don't know how to rant with one specific topic. My bad eh? :) But I asked someone to do a guest post (someone who I think is the best person to ask for now since he went through a pretty serious f*cked up relationship just recently) and I hope he's not too busy to do it. He has his ways of excusing himself nowadays. hmp!

Anyway, to proceed..


  1. JAPANESE -I had 1 semester of Japanese class way back 2years ago and I'm pretty bad at it. I wanted so much to learn but time did not permit it. 5months less was not enough to learn such difficult language. Not to mention the writing and reading part. Plus, I am not in good terms with someone who used to teach me Japanese. Shit. I miss talking to him. HAHA! But I'm making my ways to revive all knowledge I learned. I'm trying to keep in touch with my instructor and he said that I  can go to his office anytime and get some modules (since I lost mine during the flood).  Also, the reason why I am very much interested with the language it's because, I am always been a fan of Japanese cultures and tradition-movies, animation and such :)
  2. FRENCH-I used to learn French when I was in the convent but it was hard to read and it's hard to pronounce. HAHA! So, I stop learning. ^_^ But since I wanted to go to Paris, France-that's why.
  3. MANDARIN-since I love Chinese and Taiwanese drama series and movies and learning the language would require me not read the subs anymore-which would be awesome. aye? :)
  4. KOREAN-same same with Mandarin. I watch Korean series a lot and sometimes the subs in the series are so not-understandable.
  5. RUSSIAN-I just love RUSSIAN :)
There you go! What could be your TOP FIVE LANGUAGES YOU WISH YOU'RE FLUENT IN? care to share?

May 23, 2012

So, To Begin With..

I am a little confused with the challenge  and decided to do everything one at a time. HAHA! This will be a long journey for me and I hope somehow this will make me busy despite being unemployed :P

There were challenges here that could be put up together so I'm starting off with a little sort of an introduction or something..

  • A recent facebook profile
  • 15 facts about me
  • A photos of me in my favorite color.
recent fb profile
Photos of Me in my favorite color: You'd see me often wearing this color. 4 photos will do, I guess. Too many will look so annoying already since I'll be doing a lot of photo challenge in the next few days :)

Lastly, the 15 facts about me: hmm..what to say?
  1. I'm petite (I think that's very obvious)-safe to say, I'm just 5' less :) -shit. that was funny! HAHA!
  2. I don't comb my hair for like 2months now :) 
  3. I sleep 10 hours a day.
  4. If  I don't watch Korean drama series, I'm probably on internet.
  5. I love black so much. 
  6. I'm annoyingly nosy-all the time.
  7. I don't speak English that well-I sound terrible speaking the language.
  8. I can't stand in front of a crowd (so, when I had my English final speech exam, I walked  out and I almost fail the subject)
  9. I love key chains! ^_^
  10. I have 6 accounts in fb ;-p (4 of those were already deactivated)
  11. I'd usually put my phone on silent mode and missed lots of calls because of that. HAHA!
  12. I wanted to be an Assassin! HAHA
  13. I always wear sleeveless when I'm at home-I can't stand shirts with sleeves (redundant eh? hehe)
  14. I'm a terrible cook.
  15. I'm don't like being in a relationship. ^_^
Oh! It took me around an hour to finished the 15facts. HAHA! That's for my 1st day of challenge :) 

So, tell me? Any facts you wanna share about yourself too? ^_^

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