September 21, 2011

Photo Challenge Day 18 (Handwriting)

Today, Janine and I decided to share this challenge (just this once) with the rest of our friends :) I hope you don't mind..^_^ I know this is boring, so please, bear with me ^_^ 

Here we go!

A fan sign (with our very own hand writing of course)..^_^

Click Image to Enlarge ^_^

That's for our fan sign for Xan..^_^
following is for Esthel's Friend..Leah a.k.a Ley ^_^

This is for Gladys ^_^

Lastly to Hazelaine Suezo a.k.a Chingee ^_^ We miss you every second you're not here T_T


..whoa, why not include my niece's handwriting..?

Xin2x..writing for her Tita Janine ^_^

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