September 22, 2011

Photo Challenge Day 19 (Something You Don’t Have Much Of)

As usual, let's check out Janine's first :)

-Accessories- :D 
I know, accessories will complete the outfit. But as you can see, I only have few. I almost wear the same accessories each day. I've bought so many earrings but some/almost were lost that's why I only have 4 pairs of earrings left. Yeah, poor me. The two rings are both friendship rings. And since I was young, I always wear a watch. That's the most important accessory to me. I feel bad whenever I forget to wear one. (same as when I forget to bring a handkerchief :D ).
Mine is very practical. hahaha! Bet all of you can relate to this..^_^

Whoa. Don't be deceived. This isn't mine. haha! It's from my wallet but it's not meant for me. It's for my school fees, like projects, medical requirements and blah blah blah..^_^

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