August 04, 2012

How To Get A Guy's Attention

Remember I told you about how fun it was in my training class? Hmm..You'll be the judge to that..

Here's the thing. How to get a guy's attention? It's simple.

I don't know how we got into that topic but our trainer said that for a girl to get a guy's attention is just a piece of cake..a few gestures will do.

here's what you need to do.


    1. Of course, first thing first. Look for your crush, (our trainer didn't tell this exactly but I kinda just figured it out)..then do this in front of that guy you like, I mean, not necessarily in front, any side will do, just make sure you are visible.  Using your hand, move (slowly) your hair (not all your hair, okay? you know what I'm trying to say right?) and bring it to the back of your ear..try to do that and see if I'm making sense here..^_^ If it will not work, it's time to do the next one..

      2. WINK ;-) I think you guys do this more often than girls. Aye? This may sound awkward but girls (I for instance) can do this effortlessly too, but still it's not a guarantee to get someone's attention. If still won't work, it's time for our number 3.

3. LICK YOUR LIPS (I'd love to put pictures here but I guess you know exactly what to do). I think out of the three, this 3rd is the most effective one, don't you think? but then again, if none of these three tips will work..It's time to reveal our last and final card..

for sure, even you guys would surely agree with me on this-NO DOUBT ABOUT THAT.

In your honor, the final card is..

TRY TO DO EVERYTHING DOING IT ALL TOGETHER (the three) AT A TIME and we'll see if you will still be left unnoticed because I'm pretty sure you will get his full attention this time. Geez. Yeah'll get his attention but in return you'll be his laughing stock (or not). 

Can you picture it out? I mean, imagine yourself girls (or guys, imagine the girl) bringing your (her) hair back to your (her) ear and winking at the same time while licking your (her) lips???

Did you just do it? :D so, how was it? funny? no? we tried it in class and we all looked like a fool but it's worth it. I did it with my sister and she laughed so hard. It's cute :) But I don't think I will ever have the confidence to do it in front of someone I like. I mean, I can do it one by one, but not the other way around :) 

That is how to get a guy's attention pa-cute tips! 


hug and kisses here (*_*)

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