July 29, 2011


Beware of Misconceptions.Ü *MERELY*JÜST4FÜN*

As promised, here's a follow up from my prior post "PHOTOS OF ME (MAI SANITY)http://maiyang1902.blogspot.com/2011/07/photos-of-me-mai-sanity.html ..I can't remember anymore the rest of the lines I typed. Omg! I'm about to finish my post for tonight if only I didn't reload the page! whatever!
Anyway, this post is all about my classmates (girls). You will be seeing lots of photos with a whole bunch of lady friends in it and a little bit of their profile :D I know, there's nothing much interesting about this, originally, I wanted to feature just three girls from my class whose interest is same with mine "self photography" but I ended up posting the rest of the girls photos in the class. Well, I just thought you might want to get to know some of them :) hope you don't mind..♥♥♥
Get to know the ladies in the class of BLA4.
So let's start with..ESTHEL ^_^

Janine says: Esthel is a happy go lucky girl who loves to take photos of herself-so much, I added.
She's full of spirit, she never gets tired of smiling (esp in front of the camera), laughing, and fooling around.
She's my friend's bff. 
I can't say anything much about her even  though we've known each other since first year because we kinda' started hanging out (I mean, we have this "thing" together with Janine) just recently and way then we don't talk at all. Just hi/hello's and nothing more.
She loves to eat.
She's taken.
She's funny.
She's smart and pretty.
She loves dancing, singing and acting.

fondly called "Ms. G" by some.
the officer..
the e-loader..
the Ms. Yes! to all favors asked 
the secretary of BLA

the most supportive and most understanding person in the class. The one and only person who's always next to my name in any lesson plan from firstyear til' now and my partner in reporting (Training Strategies) next week.
the model ^ ^, ang sumusunod sa mga yapak ni Nikki ^ ^
the most artistic presenter in power point presentation
the most active HRM student in the class..
the one and only..Ü

looks familiar eh? that's because she's mostly present in all of my posts especially in travel and fun labels.
She's the best buddy ever!
simply amazing like smart! haha!
Obviously, she loves puppy (dogs, whatever) and hates cockroaches (she'll scream to hell if she'll see one even if it's like a hundred meters away).
She loves almost all types of movies except "horrors", haha!
She's annoyingly nice for a friend and too nice for a girlfriend or should I say xgf? LÜLZ                                                                                                                                                                          


She loves music so much and two of her idols are Alanis and the late MJ. She's my seatmate in PM class and lastly-green lover lady.Ü


Also known as PATITAY! that's all. haha! 


Lucky you to have seen her like this because for like three years, this is the very first time that I have ever seen her hair down! ^_^


Jilla is the new found actress in BLA. Just recently that I've found out that she's the "JUDY ANN" in LC, ang mupalag-SUYA!


Next to Esthel is Shar2x, like Esthel, Shar2x also loves to take photos of herself. She's sweet but a little bit shy. We're groupmates in Events and CA5. ugh! haha!


Like most College Girls who have group of friends/circle of friends, these three ladies unfortunately became trio's when one of their friends (who's also a friend of ours) decided to dropped school 2years ago. Three of the most nicest girls for me :)

wonder why these three were put into one even if they're not in the same group? It's because it's much cooler with them in my post. yey! @Ivy: please don't feel bad if I included you in this post because you know I love you..^__^ 

that's the BLA beauties ladies and gentlemen ^_^ take your pick now. jk :)

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