January 14, 2012

Ilocos Tour Update

Hello awesome people! ^_^ How are you all doing? As for me, I just got back from our 3nights,3days tour in Ilocos (Laoag City, Pagudpud and Vigan). I'm still tired and sleepy. The more than 10 hours trip back to Manila is sickening :( I wasn't able to sleep in the bus plus it's so pretty cold and I don't have my jacket/sweater with me :( I'm so poor. huhu..

Anyway, about my trip..


why? because..

Wait. Do you have any idea about Ilocos? I mean, where it is situated and what it can offer to every visitor? hmm..

check it out here first. 

Did you read it? 

I bet you didn't. haha! 

Never mind :) 

Back to my trip, as much as I wanna tell you all the details (because I'm so excited about), I can't, I mean, not yet. I'm still uploading some pics and videos for a more convincing and nice presentation (which I hope it will work) for you guys :D

But next post will be divided into three so you won't get confused :D

I will share to you our most thrilled experience in sandboarding and 4x4 ride at Ilocos Norte Sand Dunes..

the most breathtaking scenery ever at Pagudpud (Kapurpurawan Rock Formation)
and last but not the least..

the vintage city of Vigan =))

There you go! I'll see you on my next post =)) 

gotta take a rest now. 

Love you guys! ^_^ xoxo

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