July 17, 2011

On The Way To SM Mall

Beware of Misconceptions.Ü *MERELY*JÜST4FÜN*

I was with Janine yesterday, we watched Harry Potter at SM mall. While I was walking going through where I should take a ride, I decided to take photos on the way..I know it's a little bit weird, I mean, taking pictures every now and then but you know..I love it :) Even though people threw those "crazy" looks at me like I'm some kind of weirdo..hello?! as if it's a crime eh?! ^__^ anyway..here's the photos on the way to the mall..it's only about 15-30 mins ride but since the road is under construction right now, we went to another way which was kind of narrow so it took us about 45mins just to get to the mall.

The photos are actually in order but I'm not too sure if you can understand it clearly. The last pic at the right was our ride. He was actually a cleaver and very responsible driver, he's doesn't want to take over because he hates to be the caused of the traffic nor to add more chaos on the road and doesn't drive carelessly because he believed that in him was the life of his passengers. cool thought isn't it? not all driver do actually think about that :)
In the mall there was an event..an audition for small kids..talent show something..

these kids went on an audition, it's something about little Miss SM Cagayan de Oro whatever..(sorry)
..only the first two kids we're able to watch because we're running of time since Harry Potter movie was about to begin.
The little girl in pink was performing ballet, and the one wearing black was doing a belly dancing.
It was actually the second one who really did caught our attention, she dances gracefully and moved like an expert. Really awesome!

The following pic are those cos players that we chased around the mall just to take them photos. hahaha

It was very disappointing because only one among them who did really stop and smile just to for us to take her a photo-can you see her? the one holding a balloon? the rest of them walk so fast that I find it hard to take them individually. urgh! annoying! hahaha

Anyway, After chasing them, we hurriedly went to the cinema because we're afraid to miss the trailers. ^_____^ and here's the pic inside the cinema...(we sneak out the camera) hehehe ^_^

Janine and Mai
And the last photo was taken when we're leaving the mall and we saw people waiting for taxis and jeepneys.

You can see an image of SM logo and SM near entrance (day light)

On the left of these pics were people waiting for jeepneys (including us). Can you notice it? no jeepney's visible..this is very unusual. usually, lots of jeepneys are waiting for passengers..this time, it's the contrary.
The last pic were people waiting for taxis. usually, the shoppers with huge bags of groceries :D

And as the Harry Potter journey ends..so as my post for today. Hope you had a great time reading! ^___^

Thank you for reading! Bless us all :))

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