November 07, 2011

All Saints Day @Cemetery -Edited (with video)

Since my grandma died, we've been celebrating All Saint's Day @Cemetery since All Soul's Day is no longer a holiday. Meaning? We've been practicing this for like 3 years now. My cousins would set up a tent and we'll spend our whole day, whole night there-non stop eating and chatting. Last Nov. 1 was different though. Rain ruined the moment! Check out what happened to us all..

Everything was doing okay when we got there, it was traffic but my cousin managed to park the car very far from where we were though. 

You see..
Kids were having fun! They made the balloons fly like a kite. haha!
Sean and Xin2x enjoyed it very much..
Aws! but Xin was not as happy as Sean was. haha!

Oh! btw, It was me taking the pics..(with some extra images. haha)
And here we are..This time, it's my was cousin's turn to take the shots! ^_^
having a cup of an apple/pineapple juice something..haha!

taking pictures!
there's my cousin Ate Pia and my little sister Gene =)

with Dora and the Angry bird..
And then evening came..
Eating! ^_____^ 

and the devilish rain came pouring down on us..
Look what happened to us!
see the raindrops all over? LOL. it's cold and the roof was leaking. caught in the rain, being soaking wet and annoyed! And then my aunt decided we should just go home :(

End of story :(

My cousins over dinner..^___^ doubt if any of you can understand a thing here :)

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