May 30, 2012

Favorite Holiday and Me In The Water

Challenge: Photos of me in my favorite holiday and place, followed by Me in the water (feat. Janine). I combined the two since it's in the same place but different time :)

Aside from this photo..(shared this one already) -feat. JANINE :)
and this crystal clear water right here..
Got another place in mind that I would choose to spend my holiday with over and over again..

This was last 2010 during my younger sister's high school graduation-almost holyweek. This was always been our favorite bonding during holidays-BEACH. ^_^ 

Oh please. HAHA! This is kinda awful ;-) but just bear with me on this, kay? :) There's no one around but us so we can actually do whatever and wear whatever without shame. HAHA! so, go ahead and laugh now! HAHA! But whatever, this is a, to hell with this one. ^_^

Beach is always and will always be one of my favorite spot and this place exactly is my sanctuary. I think I've shared this one already since I brought Janine here maybe 2years ago. Whenever I'm in my hometown, no matter how far this place is, I'd always make sure to pay a visit here-just to unwind and enjoy the serenity of the place. I love this place :D aside from this..

Is this..

ME IN THE WATER feat. JANINE :) Since I mentioned her already :) 

This was I think 7months after those photos above with my sibling :)
Janine and a starfish :)
that's it..two challenges in one's that? :)


Just some nonsense henna tattoo. haha

and finally..the end..
HAHA! that was a lot, wasn't it?lol. sorry for the floods. I didn't have much time to make a collage since it will be much of a hassle to copy these pics from my fb account, so I just pasted the URL :)

How about you lovies, what and where's your favorite holiday and with whom? :)

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