October 17, 2011

Why I'm Single: Reason 01 (I'm Not Hot!) + Happy Birthday Tim Bowen!

I just got back from our event's project "The Graduation Ball"..Ü But I promised to share my reasons why I'm single, so, just before I will hit the bed tonight, allow me to share my first reason why I'm single. 

Why I'm Single: Reason 101  (I'm Not Hot!)

Yes. True. I'm not hot. If I am, guys would definitely drool over me. Court me. Make me fall in love with them. Flirt with me or worse, hook up with me.  I know, other guys might find me  hot but I'm referring to these guys that I like yet don't even pay attention at me =))

I may have a pretty face..

Yes! that's according to Mark of The Rambling Person and I have to take his word for it. I didn't mean to be cocky or whatever but I  believe that everyone is beautiful in her own way..^_^ And I feel that I am beautiful in my own way. agree? haha! ^_^


But a pretty face is not enough for guys of today's generation. They wanted someone who's sexy with a 36C size =)) (Am I wrong or right?
they want this!
not this!

See the difference? =))

But hey, wait! I'm not saying all guys are like this. okay? This is just my opinion. This isn't me saying I feel bad being single or what. I was just trying to sort things out (the possible reasons why I'm single). Believe me. This isn't me complaining about "why I'm still single" I dunno how to explain it in English. 
But surely, this is one reason why I'm single. They don't find me hot/sexy so that leads to-I'm not attractive to Mai so why court her? -then I remained single. haha..

So, this topic will run for like a week or maybe less, maybe just 3days. ^_^ Ugh. So much for a blurt. Sometimes I just can't organize my thoughts and I do apologize for that. But let me know if you understand nothing so I can edit my work. It just that, I don't do draft :D I post on the spot-so, most likely I run out of words and all. ^_^

But anyway, I'll shut up  now.

Other reason will be posted tomorrow :)

By the way, before I go. Let me just say this. It's Tim's Birthday today and I wanna shout it. ^_^

So, here it goes..
Happy Happy Birthday to the one and only Tim of A Lunatic Pope..

he's one of my first ten followers here in blogsphere. Just so you know Tim, meeting you was one of the most nicest thing ever happened to me here in blogsphere =)) More blessings and be happy! ^_^

Quick Post: Why Am I Still Single?


This will just be or this will be just a quick post whatever. haha! So I have to put everything so you will know that I'm confuse which one's the right one.


I talked to a friend last night and it was a funny conversation touching the topic-why we're still single @ 26 :) A very disturbing thoughts to ponder on, don't you think? haha.

Yeah. I asked myself the same thing always. Why am I still single? Do I really look that bad for guys not to be attracted to me? I mean, C'mon! State you're reasons. Why aren't you stepping forward guys!? Man up! haha! I'm kidding. duh.

Never mind. So anyway, 

this aren't these =))
 Got few reasons in my mind but  I gotta hold on to that thought muna. This isn't the best time to share it. I'm tired. My back is in a lot of pain and I'm hungry :( It's past midnight and I gotta rest =))

Just before I will go to bed tonight. I would just like to thank every one who voted for me and my friend Xan. It was a close fight, in fact I top and unfortunately Xan was eliminated with 4 votes away I think? :(

Another round is coming up tomorrow and I hope you'll still support me =))

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