August 29, 2011

I'm Not A Morning Person

*there's really nothing much about this post. hehe*

Last night, I slept early in the morning already. Maybe past 2am or almost 3. I watched the movie "My Name Is Khan" and was crying halfway. (crazy huh?) That's it. I slept late (early in the morning) and wake up less than 4 hours after to join my cousins for their "bonding" stuff by playing basketball somewhere in the city and lunch after. Oh la la! I was so full after I ate my favorite-SINIGANG! 

Anyway, I just woke up (today). I slept after I arrived home. So, I was able to slept around 4 and a half hours. cool. Now I'm happy. haha! Gotta prepare for later though. We'll have dinner at my uncle's place. ugh! so busy! lol. ^_^

Happy Blogging bloggers :)

I will share photos later or tomorrow or anytime. ^_^

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