October 31, 2011

[Br]eaking [Ba]d

Heard of this series? 

not yet?

here's a little synopsis..
Breaking Bad is an American television drama series created and produced by Vince Gilligan. Set and produced in Albuquerque, New Mexico, Breaking Bad is the story of Walter White (Bryan Cranston), a struggling high school chemistry teacher who is diagnosed with advanced lung cancer at the beginning of the series. He turns to a life of crime, producing and selling methamphetamine with a former student, Jesse Pinkman (Aaron Paul), with the aim of securing his family's financial future before he dies. credit to: wikipedia
Well, you should be watching this, especially to those of you who loves chemistry. It's kinda interesting, it makes me feel a smart ass. haha! 

Chemistry for me is a very very fascinating subject. It tackles a lot of things. It's colorful. It's wonderful. It makes you understand things. It can drive you nuts. It can makes you the man who knows it all. 

Anyone here is with me? 



I guess you know what chemistry means, eh? If you don't, then google it now. hehe! ^_^ 

Anyway, what makes it more interesting is that, I could see in this series the other side of the world. It suddenly wanna makes want to know the chemistry of this thing and cook it myself then sell it-BigBucks! (if only I have the brains!)..Ü
guess you know what I mean ;-? If you don't, ugh. never mind. haha! 
For sure, some of the guys here are familiar with this one. ^_^  

So, that's it. 

Looks like I know something about this thing. Trust me, I have no idea of any of these. I failed my organic chemistry when I was in my second year in college (BS Chemistry) and what more of this meth thing? gosh. It would take me a lifetime to learn this. haha! 

And what the hell is the connection of this meth thing to the series? Well, the thing is, go check it out. hehe! ^_^

love you guys! Have a nice weekdays ahead :) Happy Halloween! ^_^

October 30, 2011

Price Tag Filler

Today I will feature another crazy video.

this isn't a funny one. this is boring actually but I dunno what else to share yet, except from the fact that my body is in pain after that very tiring exam yesterday :( (I think I broke my fingers, arms and shoulders after kneading for like less than an hour T_T)
Ugh! I hate baking!!!

Anyway, I hope everyone is having a good day and good weekend. Gotta watch The Pillars of the Earth's last episode =))

October 26, 2011

Why I'm Single: Reasons Wrap Up In One Post (I Love Being Single)

Sorry for the hiatus. And thank you everyone for all the votes. ^_^ although, I do not expect to win this thing anymore after my uncle told me he'll just give me $40 just for me to stop bugging him with all this voting stuff. So, I guess that's a good thing aye? 

Back to my topic =))

I am overwhelmed with all the comments you left me guys. For some reasons, I don't wanna mislead you. I guess I've been misleading you this whole time. I mean, I wasn't able to express the things that I really wanna say because I'm having hard time translating. Gosh! If only I listened to our instructors way back, I could have use that learning now. Proper use of words and grammars and all. 

But that's not the point, what I wanted to say is that, instead of stating the reasons why I'm single (which I'd like to end up now), I shifted to, why "ladies" around me are single. I did a survey (just my friends) and asked them one by one why they're single and so I came up with this idea. 

To end this whole thing up. *for me*
I'm single for a lot of reasons but the one on top of it, is that.."I Love Being Single"
Yes. I honestly love myself too much to share it with others (well, of course, the guy in Someone Like You is the only exception).

Although, I must admit, when I was in High School, my plan was to settle down at the age of 25 and now @26, everything changed. I realized, it's not it. I mean, I'd love to have a serious relationship but not now is not the right time yet. I still wanna be free as a bird and careless as a baby. And suddenly, I wanted to stay single as long as 35. haha. Sure, I'd love to hook up with guys too but now is not the right time also. Maybe when I get a job, a stable one and on my own, that's the time. 

I remember having this conversation with a guy friend. He asked me this.
Mai, do you have a boyfriend? Then, I answered, none.
Then he blurted, why? 
are you  lesbian? I was like, what the hell?! 
being single doesn't make a person gay or lesbian, for Pete's sake! why would he even think that? Oh no! Now I remember, he's not just the first who thought I am a lesbian. I guess I'm too cute to be one. I mean, C'mon, I am totally totally into guys. ^_^ I love guys. they're adorable and they're the only creatures that could kiss you like hell. hahaha! tada! I was just trying to light things up. hehe

Going back..

I'm single because guys just can't handle me. They don't like sticking with me because I'm too friendly with other guys and they hate that. Right? So, break up follows. ^_^ Also, I go out with girlfriends most of the time than with my boyfriend. ^_^ Plus, serious relationship freaks me out. Really. I'm more on a relationship that is open, no commitments and just purely for fun. That sucks for guys. Plus, again, I'm not sweet and not really a jealous type, they hate that too. Not really to mention that sometimes, life is unfair. I wanted to stop complaining on how bitter am I with guys who don't like me because they don't find me pretty, hot and all because, reality check, my friend dwizzt is right, it goes the same way to me. I have to admit, I look into physical appearance first before anything. But trust me, that only applies for a very short period of time. True love does not require physical beauty, but beyond. Besides, beauty lies in the eye of the beholder. So, that's it. 

What else? I guess that's all. haha. 

Being single is way more fun than being in a relationship. ^_^

October 24, 2011

I'm Yours

My own personal favorite song and one of the few songs that I've memorized (the other one was from Linkin Park-In the End), and my entry song for this game's finale BLOG IDOL. I think I will be needing your help again, for one last time ^_^ Please vote for my song..here's how to..

1. Go here---->BLOG IDOL FINALE
2. Post "I'm Yours" as your comment
3. and you're done ^_^

thank you! please please do vote for my song. 

October 22, 2011

Game Of Thrones

Heard of this series? 


I'm watching it right now and I'm so in love with that wolf who bit to death that stupid bastard who tried to kill that poor little 10 year old kid-Bran Stark who witnessed the queens' unfaithfulness towards the king. Gosh! Such an awful, cheater and slut queen. 

Now I'm hooked. 

I have to say that the character that I love the most is Arya Stark. 


She's such a cutie and strong and very determined.

Anyway, need to get back to that series now =))

Have a great weekend everyone ^_^

Lazy Song for a Lazy post =))

October 20, 2011

Why I'm Single: Reason 04 (I Don't Like The Guy Who Likes Me)

Pretty obvious reason, isn't it?

Did you know that I got some pretty weird admirers too? Just too bad I don't like them.

I remember someone asked me (he was my classmate)..

right button is not working? whatever. I will just shout it out to your face then!
Sorry, I replied..
You're a good friend but..
But why?..
Oh! I knew, you don't like me because I'm not good looking and all. Am I right? I know I'm right. Girls will never like someone like me, because I'm ugly and you wanted someone who's smart, good looking and rich. We'll see Mai, I will get you once I pass my board exam!

Geez. He's right. I've got standards of my own. I think everyone does, but he too have standards, don't you think? why would out of all the girls he knew, he'd chose me? because he find me pretty, cute or whatever. I'm into the range of his standards. Trust me, I tried so hard to give it a try but I couldn't. Besides, he's too nice for me but I just don't like him for some reasons that the guy I like doesn't like me. Those kind of things. 

It's ironic. 

We like someone who totally ignore us and ignore someone who's totally in to us. 

Gosh. I used to think that life is unfair but I guess I need to give that a second thought. That makes that situation fair enough.

Back to my topic.

Years after, that guy I was talking you about really did pass the board exam and tried to contact me right after then..This time, my answer is not so different from before, it's more straight forward than before though..
Yes. I don't like you. As simple as that. It doesn't matter how you look, (because I was once  crazy over someone who's really not that good looking) or how successful you are or whatever. It's just that I don't like you. That's it. 

October 19, 2011

Why I'm Single: Reason 03 (We're Just Friends)

The most cliche reason: 

I'd rather have him as a friend than lose him totally.
There are guys who draw this..
And this apply to women also.
Friends can be lovers but lovers can't be friends.
A common excuse with two people who call themselves "friends" yet both like each other. They always have this boundary and always being cautious with what's going on between them. They tried to compress whatever what's inside them-the longings, the jealousy when one's seen with another, the feeling of being set aside and left alone.

I'm single because we're friends..and we can't be more than that..

I have a guy friend who I really like. We were close and we talk from one thing to another almost everyday. We share secrets and we share feelings. Until one day, everything changed. He confessed that he likes me and he wanted to be us. I took it as a joke but I was really happy because I like him too, very much. But since I'm too stupid to admit that, I ignored him. I mean, I ignored what he said. I pretended not hearing anything. I am happy just us being friends, I wanted to stay it that way because I thought it's better that way. I thought if we will take the risk we'll lose the friendship. That's the usual scenario and it really does happen in real. I knew people who've been into that kind of situation. So, I'd rather have him as a friend than lose him totally.

Later, I told him I have boyfriend thinking it's the best way to let us go on with our friendship. 

After that, he tried to avoid me. 

Then I realized, it was a bad move. I should haven't pretended to have a boyfriend. I should have told him that I like him instead. Gosh. I should have took the risk. I'm such a coward! 

Then he call me a week after. He sounds chirpy on the other line. I was nervous. What is going on? He can't be this happy. Then he said, "Mai, got two news for you. Which one do you wanna hear first? the bad one or the good one?
Instead of answering he's question, I told him. oh really? I have something to confess too..but you go first and I'll go with the bad news. 
Then he said.."I might not able to talk to you anymore like we used to". That was shattering. I dunno, I just kept quiet and let him speak as he continued.."I already have a girlfriend and she wanted to meet you" wth? alright..I dunno what to say. I just smiled and forgot about that thing I wanted to tell him earlier. I was supposed to tell him that I like him and that bf thingy is nothing and it was all a lie but it's too late. Although at times I would joke around and would blurt that I like him and I really want us to be us and all. Since, a year ago, he broke up with his gf but after, we just laughed at it. He also told me that we'll be just good as friends. Great! But it's okay. He's right. Just sometimes, I can't stop thinking, what if we'll give ourselves a chance? Will it work? or we'll end up like other friends? 

If you like someone, don't wait for forever because life is short. You will never know what will happen tomorrow. Seize every opportunity and grab every chances you have. Take the risk, deal with the consequences later. 

Did you know that the best person to love is your friend? ^_^

October 18, 2011

Why I'm Single: Reason 02 (I Don't Play Video Games)

Okay. My guy friend just told me that a gamer lady is 200% sexier for a gamer guy also. And not to mention that most guys I know are gamer. 
Guys prefer a woman like this..

Alodia Gosiengfiao
(hottest Pinay gamer and Cosplay queen in the Philippines)

Than this..
An outdoor type
One reason I broke up with my first boyfriend was that, he's a gamer and I'm not. We always fought about that stuff. He's always in the internet shop to play with that MU thing and DOTA. gosh! It's sickening. I mean, why guys can spend their whole time playing video games yet can't find a single minute with their girlfriends?!! what's the point of having a girlfriend? duh..^_^

October 17, 2011

Why I'm Single: Reason 01 (I'm Not Hot!) + Happy Birthday Tim Bowen!

I just got back from our event's project "The Graduation Ball"..Ü But I promised to share my reasons why I'm single, so, just before I will hit the bed tonight, allow me to share my first reason why I'm single. 

Why I'm Single: Reason 101  (I'm Not Hot!)

Yes. True. I'm not hot. If I am, guys would definitely drool over me. Court me. Make me fall in love with them. Flirt with me or worse, hook up with me.  I know, other guys might find me  hot but I'm referring to these guys that I like yet don't even pay attention at me =))

I may have a pretty face..

Yes! that's according to Mark of The Rambling Person and I have to take his word for it. I didn't mean to be cocky or whatever but I  believe that everyone is beautiful in her own way..^_^ And I feel that I am beautiful in my own way. agree? haha! ^_^


But a pretty face is not enough for guys of today's generation. They wanted someone who's sexy with a 36C size =)) (Am I wrong or right?
they want this!
not this!

See the difference? =))

But hey, wait! I'm not saying all guys are like this. okay? This is just my opinion. This isn't me saying I feel bad being single or what. I was just trying to sort things out (the possible reasons why I'm single). Believe me. This isn't me complaining about "why I'm still single" I dunno how to explain it in English. 
But surely, this is one reason why I'm single. They don't find me hot/sexy so that leads to-I'm not attractive to Mai so why court her? -then I remained single. haha..

So, this topic will run for like a week or maybe less, maybe just 3days. ^_^ Ugh. So much for a blurt. Sometimes I just can't organize my thoughts and I do apologize for that. But let me know if you understand nothing so I can edit my work. It just that, I don't do draft :D I post on the spot-so, most likely I run out of words and all. ^_^

But anyway, I'll shut up  now.

Other reason will be posted tomorrow :)

By the way, before I go. Let me just say this. It's Tim's Birthday today and I wanna shout it. ^_^

So, here it goes..
Happy Happy Birthday to the one and only Tim of A Lunatic Pope..

he's one of my first ten followers here in blogsphere. Just so you know Tim, meeting you was one of the most nicest thing ever happened to me here in blogsphere =)) More blessings and be happy! ^_^

Quick Post: Why Am I Still Single?


This will just be or this will be just a quick post whatever. haha! So I have to put everything so you will know that I'm confuse which one's the right one.


I talked to a friend last night and it was a funny conversation touching the topic-why we're still single @ 26 :) A very disturbing thoughts to ponder on, don't you think? haha.

Yeah. I asked myself the same thing always. Why am I still single? Do I really look that bad for guys not to be attracted to me? I mean, C'mon! State you're reasons. Why aren't you stepping forward guys!? Man up! haha! I'm kidding. duh.

Never mind. So anyway, 

this aren't these =))
 Got few reasons in my mind but  I gotta hold on to that thought muna. This isn't the best time to share it. I'm tired. My back is in a lot of pain and I'm hungry :( It's past midnight and I gotta rest =))

Just before I will go to bed tonight. I would just like to thank every one who voted for me and my friend Xan. It was a close fight, in fact I top and unfortunately Xan was eliminated with 4 votes away I think? :(

Another round is coming up tomorrow and I hope you'll still support me =))

October 12, 2011

Someone Like You

Anyone an Adele fan here? 

Well, I'm not. 

But this song someone like you hits me like a thunderstorm. Every words. It feels like it's meant for me. 

I dunno. but part of the song says "never mind.. I'll find someone like you"

The song reminded me of my feelings years ago. I will share what happen when I'm not busy. But if you will listen to the lyrics, you'll have the idea what I'm feeling..

as for now, here's the song that caused me LSS..^_^ 

enjoy! ^_^ 

October 11, 2011

Let's Get Drunk!

whops! looks like I got you with my title ;-)

This isn't about drinking nor getting drunk. It's cocktail mixing baby! ^_^
We've been busy because of this. Part of our final requirement in Training Strategy was to organize a seminar that tackles about Basic Mixology and Flairtending. Although we were not able to came up with a huge number of participants but receiving good feed backs from them was more than enough..

Okay, okay..enough with enough..

Let's get started..

That is Janine. 

The one in charge. 

The hard working lady. 

wait? you know her right? 

She have been my guest for like 30 days and been featured too  many times in this blog =))

Bar area

You can find this at the ground floor of our Training Center :)

The brands used during the mixing :) 
Guess you're familiar with these stuff, aye aye bloggers? :)

Before the seminar started :)

my group mates with M'Vallejos :)

As the seminar was going on..

Ops! there's Princess and Dawn are in the house :)

Okay. In this time. The speaker "Joey" suddenly perform the layering/flaming "4th of July" while waiting for our group mates -who bought the ice. hehe..yeah yeah..we forgot to buy ice before everything started. haha! Gosh. ^_^ But see? we made it through-ALIVE =))

4th of July..

15ml of Grenadine syrup (base)
15ml of Blue Curacao
15 ml liquor (tequila, rum or vodka)

the mixed drinks =)


participants time to shine =))

And finally..the giving of certificates :)

It was tiring but indeed a successful activity :) KUDOS to us :)

Please please please to everyone who did not cast their votes yet.. click HERE  for infos how to vote :) thank you! ^_^

October 10, 2011

All My Life

Ladies and Gentlemen presenting to you the song All My Life by K-Ci and Jojo which will be my entry for this week's Blog Idol in 90's Medley category. I've been in this game for a month now and I'm glad I made it this far, 3 more weeks and winner/s will be declared. It's round 6 now and I need your help. ^_^

Please do vote for my entry and Xan's entry Hand In My Pocket by Alanis Morissette.
Just follow these steps.

2. Scroll down until you see post a new commentBloggers can cast their votes using the Intense Debate and must provide a working URL. If you're using a BLOGSPOT blogs, then you be signed in in your account.

3. Click post a new comment and post these following songs as your comment.
  • All My Life
  • Hand In My Pocket

4. thank you! ^_^

Please please please vote for me :D You only have to vote once a week..♥

October 08, 2011

Pink Post Day (Friendship Day, Fantastic Friday)

I forgot to publish this one last night. Now, I'm editing it. Gosh. 
Anyway, we really planned last Friday to wear our uniform as for Monday, it's official-no more classes! ugh! I love it! So, to have a memory of our cute uniform, we had photo shoot =))

Behold for the last time..^_^

after our HR10 class.
Lunch @Jollibee :)
my niece ;)
After Lunch: Bench mode :) -STOLEN SHOTS

 After Culinary Arts Class =)

Happy moments will always be remembered :) 

@Chingee..♥ we miss you..please come back  now..Chai T_T
This video is for you :) -crazy I know, but for sure you'll gonna love it! hahahaha!

It's Gonna Be Me (Super Bass Real Deal)

Like I said, this video will run for like a  week or less and here I am with our second crazy video =))

..we made the webcam here our mirror. haha!

throughout the video what I did was to comb my hair and put some lipstick! haha!

Lastly, here's the original version of Rhamedan and Esthel's Super Bass. Told yah, it's not Lip Sync! Listen up Dwizzt!


October 07, 2011

Since You've Been Gone

Got yah! haha!

My apology: Final exam week is now coming and I'm quite busy with stuffs that our instructors are giving us. Gosh! I hate it! Plus, the clearance! too many blah blah blah..T_T, so, I'm sorry if I can't give you any serious post :( 

I'll make it up. I swear. 

As for the time being, allow me to share my boredom moments with Janine, Casey and Esthel :)
This video series will run for about a week or less..

Boring. I know. But what can I do? I can't think of anything else to share :( Posting photos isn't that easy. I don't just randomly select the photos I share to you guys-that's the toughest one :(

but anyway..here's our first video..(crazy one) ^_^ -audio sucks. sorry about that =))

Oh! btw, regarding the previous post.."Super Bass", that's not a lip sync..^_^ I'll post the original video tom. ^_^

October 06, 2011


Another school activity to attend to today. So, I can't really chit chat for long :)

Hope this video will work for you..Oh! btw, if you wanna see the rest of the picture last Sunday..(just incase you're interested to see the rest, I got plenty of them actually. haha!), LEISURE, SPORTS and RECREATION

Super Bass by Esthel and Rhamedan..

Note: This is not a lip sync.

Sorry if I have to replace the background because my classmates are so noisy that I can't hear Esthel's and Rhams voice so I decided to replace the back ground music..^_^ 
I muted their audio because it was noisy and you can't hear them singing, really. That's why it turned out like a lip sync, but it's not actually..I'll try to post the original of this one tom. For now, I gotta sleep. I'm tired. I'll check your blog post guys tom after class  :)

Have fun! ^_^

October 05, 2011

Leisure, Sports and Recreation (Dahilayan Adventure Park, Bukidnon)

I'm glad I'm done with our photo challenge. Thank you Janine!!! ^_^

I'll leave you guys (since I'm in a hurry for our Seminar) with these photos of my classmates @Dahilayan Adventure Park. 
Pictures will say it all (I guess)..Ü

Enjoy! ^_^ @classmates (click image for an easier view and copy. trust me. it is less hassle if you click the image) 

On the way to Dahilayan..
Upon arrival..
In the forest..

in the play ground..

Exploring and adventures..

 Having fun on the way home..

 @the_end_of_the_day (fun and memories)

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