March 14, 2012

Graduation Song Practices+New Hair Style (Clearer Image This Time)

We finally started our graduation song practices last Monday (I think I've been mentioning this a lot) and so far, so good..

yet boring. 

I mean, I have to get up early and arrive school late.

How awesome! right? haha!

Here's a sneak peek inside the Mother Ignacia Hall (where we did our series of practies) I took this morning.

You see. In the HRM Program, we only have few gentlemen and here they are with their (I have no idea) finger sign :)

this is what they do during the practice :)
that's Neil with his "yeah, I'm _____" pose :)
in the middle is Mrs. Peralta (conductor) and beside her is Jyan (a friend of mine) who's helping her out teaching us the songs :)
whoa! there's "Onin" so engrossed with the practice (I guess) *clap clap*
Sharisse and Jilla
just nothing :)

And lastly! As promised I will share to you a much more clearer image of me with my curly hair since the one I shared in previous post (Morning Me. Bored Me. Worried Me. All Me =)) was kinda dark, blurry, grainy and blah blah blah..(see the difference now? I mean, me, previously and now?) -I mean, whatever..^_^


hehe..gosh. posting my pics makes me feel a little (only a little?) bit vain. sucks! but anyway, for the sake of blogging! I'm embracing vanity! hahahaha!

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