November 23, 2011


So my brother finally made up his mind not buying me a backpack, it's kinda depressing but I'm totally cool with it. He's spending much already for my studies so that's okay. And I think I'll just use the north face bag he owns, which is so big for a petite girl like me-minus points for a lady. haha! 

Anyway, in case you're wondering, I'm leaving on Saturday. I'll be staying in Manila for about 3months due to our On the Job training at some hotel in Malate, Manila. That would mean, no blogging for a while because I don't have a laptop :), sad right? but I'll try to update whenever I get a chance. (sigh), My niece told me not to leave :( she said she hates my instructor because of that. touchy! 

hay! I'm starting to miss facebook. LOL

By the way, the other day, we had our yearbook pictorial and my friend Esthel managed to sneak a photo inside the room. 

O_O we're not witches. haha! Definitely not from Hogwarts either :) That is just me and Janine and our TOGA, undone. ^_^

and here's a peace sign of me :)
Ciao! later fellas :)


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