September 09, 2011

Photo Challenge Day 6 (Someone Who Inspires You)

Ugh! the toughest challenge so far! 

I dunno who inspires me in particular. But, I have few people in mind, though I don't wanna name names yet. Anyway, let's take a look at Janine's first..

Who inspires JANINE?

One person is of course my mother. But to put an excitement to this challenge, I'd just answer this for "fun".Uhm, Okay. I recently have a HUGE crush on Direct Paul Soriano. He's a young television commercial and film director. My heart melts whenever I see his face.He looks smart- that's very attractive, decent, fresh, cutie and just damn adorable. I wish he's mine. (Lucky is his GF, Toni G) Maybe you're wondering why I consider him as an inspiration wherein fact we didn't meet yet in person.Well, he inspires me to look for someone who is just like him. HAHAHAHA! Back to reality. Also, there's this person with a name that starts with "J". There you go. Name it. Whatever names that come to your mind. :) HAHA. Seriously, there's really someone out there that inspires and makes me smile everyday. So to that "someone", Thank you for putting a smile on my face and for making me laugh. CORNY it is. HAHA.

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