August 11, 2011

Break Time @ Greenwich


After our class Events Management today, Janine, Aiko, Princess, Dawn, Rhams, Estel, Mona and Myself decided to grab a bite at the store fronting our school. When we get there, it's full.

Rhams then said "hey! let's go to Greenwhich instead, there's a P299.00 good for two pizzas (not aware what size) already, we can split it out and contribute maybe 20-30 pesos only. And we all agreed.

Inside greenwich, we realize it's not a family size pizza (double-too small for us) and valid for take out only. So, we ended up ordering separately but with the same items-P59.00 (Pizza, spag and drinks)

what do you call this? -waiting number? whatever? haha!

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