February 19, 2012

A Table For Two (My Brother's Marriage Proposal To A Fellow Blogger)+Matthew's Tagged Post

Hello fellow bloggers! ^_^ 

Today I will be sharing with you my brother's funny marriage proposal that took place at Vienna Kaffehaus here in our city. 

Expect the unexpected. 

First, let me tell you how I ended up being there during the proposal..

The night before my brother proposed, he showed me the ring and asked me what I think about it. I simply replied, "okay" not bad at all. I find it too simple for an engagement ring. Yes. For me it was the simplest ring I've ever seen but it's cute. It's just that, as I said, it's too simple. But of course, what I think don't matter, though I said, you should have told me this earlier so I can take a look some rings too and blah blah blah..

I then told him, let me know when are you going to propose  so I can spy on you guys and sneak some pics. But he told me, nope! I'll ask Edwin (he's friend) to take the pics because I don't want you posting and sharing this in your blog-but see? here I am. haha!

Yesterday morning, I received a message (SMS) from him telling me to meet him at Vienna Kaffehaus at 6pm that afternoon because he wasn't able to inform Edwin ahead of time and Edwin did not bring with him his camera so he wants me to be one to take the photos while he's proposing-which by the way made all things a little bit awkwardly funny.


Because in the cafe, although there were customers also, but lucky for us we're sitting somewhere at the corner of the kaffehaus and they were just right next to me so, that left us unnoticed-which is a good thing.HAHA! I was watching and listening the whole time (before, during and after)  my brother made his proposal. Don't you find that funny? I did. =))

The whole scenario..

I arrived first in the Kaffehaus..

I ordered lemonade..
My brother arrived with a flowers 
and left again to fetch her girlfriend -Joan of Diaries Of An Indistinctive Writer, who I presume you knew already. She's a blogger also and was featured once in this post-Wicked Sister Meets The Brother's Girlfriend (Diaries of an Indistinctive Writer).

Later, the two of them arrived :D 
(pre-proposal moment)
And then the proposal..
there's a video actually but I'll be doom for sure if I will share it on blog. haha!
it wasn't the most romantic, cool and sweet proposal ever but it was the funniest, one that neither me and Joan would ever forget. haha! My brother didn't even know where to put the ring-right or left? he put it on first at Joan's right hand and then later removed it and put it on her left's. crazy, right? I was laughing til the end. haha! Maybe he was nervous and he felt awkward with me around, but as for me, I did really enjoy that moment. haha!
but ALAS! he made it through, ALIVE. ^_^ that's all. ^_^ 

Next time,  will share with you my thoughts about engagements esp. my brother's engagement and marriage :D


Inserted :)

This was tagged to me by Matty long long time ago. I promised to answer it asap but unfortunately I didn't :(
but here I am finally answering it Matty ^_^

Question One- Sadly you're forced into competing in a fight with famous boxing legend Mike Tyson in his prime. Before fighting him in the ring however you're allowed to pick three other bloggers who would come out individually to fight Mike before you had to (you know, with the intention of weakening him or beating him so you'll have an easy fight or won't have to.) Who do you pick to fight Mike? 
-I'd pick one only and it would be Henry of Onetofu because as far as I can remember, he had his karate background or whatever. hehe!
Question Two- What super power would you pick? The ability to read minds to teleport to anywhere you want to three times a day, to see everything you touch turn into gold or to turn into a cockroach on a whim (that's not really a power though but still!)
-Reading minds is so awesome, I guess. I'll know what people thinks about me and whether I'll be happy about it or  I'll just high five them in the face, plus it will be a lot of fun reading peoples' crazy ideas. Invasion of privacy at its finest baby! Ha! :D
Question Three- Some record company bigwig phones you up and orders you to be featured with any musician alive or dead in their next album. Which musician do you pick?
-Enrique Iglesias. First, because he is hot. Second, because he is hot and sexy. Third, he's hot, sexy and I love his voice. :D
Question Four- Can you draw? If so draw me however you interpret me, it's fine if you can't!
-I'm sorry, I can't. But I ask my friend to do it. :) Here's a cat, instead. I love cats. -THIS IS SUPPOSED TO BE A CAT! hmp :( there must be something wrong during editing :( Does it look cat to you? hehe sorry..I don't know how to get it back together. haha
                           _ |\_
                    \` ..\
                __,.-" =__Y= Hi Matthew!
              ."        )
        _     /   ,    \/\_
      ((____|    )_-\ \_-`
      `-----'`-----` `--` 

Question Five- What would you rather be? A bar or a car? (My best friend Ryan once asked this question during "open mic" night at a bar and the confused faces made back at him were hilarious.)
-A car would be great since I love travelling.
Question Six- Um, could you tell us something about your past that nobody on here knows yet?
-a guy let me out in his car and left me in the middle of nowhere at 1am in the morning because I didn't wanna make out with him. I was scared to death and I wanna cry out load but I didn't, of course. But the good thing was, he came back and apologized and he sent me home after :D
There's a rule attached in here that I should tagged some also with another set of questions but I chose not to since this was an  overdue already. hehe! ^_^

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