September 28, 2011

Photo Challenge Day 25 (A Souvenir From A Vacation)

Finally! Dexter Morgan ^_^ my favorite serial killer ^_^ is back..Ü The first episode of season 6 was quite funny and a little exciting. Whoa. I'm so excited to know more about that very interesting killer or should I say killers? whose pattern is way too impressive compared to Dexter's and Trinity. I was astonished to see snakes coming out from that fruit vendor's dead body. Anyway, moving on..

I love this post. ^_^ I chose not to present the list of items I bought (for souvenirs) during our trip in Cebu, Manila, Bohol and Davao because there I wanted to show off these lovely souvenirs given to me by Janine and John Paul that I really really love and I wish to wear them someday..^_^


Tshirts from Davao and Cebu and key chains as pasalubongs and which I keep for souvenirs. :D

Yes. Scarfs. ^_^ The black one was given to me by Janine when she went to Baguio last July I guess? ^_^The pink one was given to me by John Paul, he bought it when he went to Thailand. I can't remember when..I think it was last summer? I'm not sure. ^_^
While taking those, my niece was too persistent to be in the picture. ^_^

Every time I watch this video (my favorite video actually), it always brings back the memories I had with them..T_T 
@Lord Phrozen: here's another video from Chingee ^_^ have fun!


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