February 24, 2012

In The Vintage City of Vigan: The Last Installment

February is in it's last week already and March is fast approaching and so is our graduation. ugh! I can't believe it. Finally! after 10 years of studying college :)

Alright. Here's the last part of our Ilocos Trip,  See the rest here: 4x4 Off Road Ride & Sand Surfing @Sand Dunes and Breathtaking Scenery @Pagudpud.

The last place we went to see was the place I've been longing to visit since I was thirteen-The City of Vigan

Take a look O_O 

Tour started at..

 Pottery Making =)
The City
See the architecture? It's vintage. Even the fast food chains or the shopping stores. ^_^ fascinating..
St. Augustine Church
 Oh! There's the lovebirds :D Bryan & Ericka ^_^
 Beautiful Sunset :D
I forgot this one :D they make sorta I don't know. haha
Shops and Souvenirs :D
Dinner @Cafe Uno Vigan :D
Going home :D


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