April 14, 2012

Drink! Whine Up and Get Wasted!

Another video from ! Last time you watched Sharisse in her most shining moment in Manila. This time, it's Aiko's time to shine as she unfolds her true feelings towards someone. This was so long ago and whoever was mentioned in this video, please, get over it. ^_^  

Everyone's blurting about something really nonsense. In this video, Aiko, was trying to stand up and can't stop saying hello to Janine, and was asking Janine, "why didn't you drink???? and then mentioned about me, how sorry she felt about the tragedy my family was experiencing at that time and the whole city of Cagayan de Oro.

Look at Aiko? haha.

Plus,! Our room was a mess. Sorry about that. haha

I asked Aiko if you're clever, why didn't tell the guy he loves that she loved him, and then Aiko answered, that the guy knew about her feelings.

And then look at Shariese? haha..can you see her peeking? haha! 

And then Casey's speaking in FILIPINO!!! Gosh. Everyone's so noisy! haha

Yeah. Everyone loves TITAY! haha

And then Aiko fell into the floor and was about to cry when Titay threatened her that she'll tell the guy about her feelings to the guy and then the girls end up reassuring her that no one will really know about it. hehe..

well, I didn't say anything :) shhh..<3

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