August 30, 2011

Wicked Sister Meets The Brother's Girlfriend (Diaries of an Indistinctive Writer)

Wondering what's this all about? 

Okay, It's pretty obvious, isn't it? (this topic is all about my brother's girlfriend)..♥

JOAN and My Brother MICHAEL
(In the title) I have to put "wicked" before sister (that's me) to emphasize how bad I was way then. Of course, not that I would pick a fight on her or bully her or what. It's because, for the longest time I never exerted an effort to really get to know her. Not that, I don't like her. It's just me not getting over with my brother's x. Gosh! 
Do I really have to share this with you? haha! (I'm so dead)


Let's get this over with. 

Jobelle or Joan is a very sweet girl who's musically inclined. She sings very well. She plays instruments too, like, violin and guitar. She's artistic and very much into fashion. She's shy and smart and writes pretty well.

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