October 08, 2011

Pink Post Day (Friendship Day, Fantastic Friday)

I forgot to publish this one last night. Now, I'm editing it. Gosh. 
Anyway, we really planned last Friday to wear our uniform as for Monday, it's official-no more classes! ugh! I love it! So, to have a memory of our cute uniform, we had photo shoot =))

Behold for the last time..^_^

after our HR10 class.
Lunch @Jollibee :)
my niece ;)
After Lunch: Bench mode :) -STOLEN SHOTS

 After Culinary Arts Class =)

Happy moments will always be remembered :) 

@Chingee..♥ we miss you..please come back  now..Chai T_T
This video is for you :) -crazy I know, but for sure you'll gonna love it! hahahaha!

It's Gonna Be Me (Super Bass Real Deal)

Like I said, this video will run for like a  week or less and here I am with our second crazy video =))

..we made the webcam here our mirror. haha!

throughout the video what I did was to comb my hair and put some lipstick! haha!

Lastly, here's the original version of Rhamedan and Esthel's Super Bass. Told yah, it's not Lip Sync! Listen up Dwizzt!


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