March 12, 2012

Morning Me. Bored Me. Worried Me. All Me =))

You see? No matter how much worried I am with my life now and how stressful my upcoming graduation is, I can still manage to take a photo of myself upon waking up with my most sincere smile =)) *wink*

How cool is that? 
with DEXTER baby :)
Too vain, you think? :)

Yes? :(

No? :) -Awesome! hehe..

Yes. I'm starting to really get pretty worried about how my life would turn out as I will be facing life, perhaps alone, after graduation. And I don't think I can make it on my own :(, but I have no choice. I should have done this long ago. I mean, being independent. Living my own life at my own expense and such. You know what I mean, aye? :)

Oh! weary thoughts!!!! kill me.

Oh! by the way, did you know that I got a new hair style? I'm not really sure if this one makes any different at all. I mean, I went to a SALON today and curled my hair. HAHA! That's me when bored :)

I tried to take some shots using the webcam but I don't think it will show up clearly, though, I'll try to upload some other better quality next time :D
lol, I don't think you can actually see the difference, right? haha. Well, I thought so. When I look at myself in the mirror, I look the same. sad :(
still can't see the difference? oh! that's awful. haha! 

 So, that was me saying. I'm bored :D

Oh! another graduation practice tomorrow :(( I hate it! tsk!

I'm catching up some posts. be right back :) 


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