March 12, 2012

Morning Me. Bored Me. Worried Me. All Me =))

You see? No matter how much worried I am with my life now and how stressful my upcoming graduation is, I can still manage to take a photo of myself upon waking up with my most sincere smile =)) *wink*

How cool is that? 
with DEXTER baby :)
Too vain, you think? :)

Yes? :(

No? :) -Awesome! hehe..

Yes. I'm starting to really get pretty worried about how my life would turn out as I will be facing life, perhaps alone, after graduation. And I don't think I can make it on my own :(, but I have no choice. I should have done this long ago. I mean, being independent. Living my own life at my own expense and such. You know what I mean, aye? :)

Oh! weary thoughts!!!! kill me.

Oh! by the way, did you know that I got a new hair style? I'm not really sure if this one makes any different at all. I mean, I went to a SALON today and curled my hair. HAHA! That's me when bored :)

I tried to take some shots using the webcam but I don't think it will show up clearly, though, I'll try to upload some other better quality next time :D
lol, I don't think you can actually see the difference, right? haha. Well, I thought so. When I look at myself in the mirror, I look the same. sad :(
still can't see the difference? oh! that's awful. haha! 

 So, that was me saying. I'm bored :D

Oh! another graduation practice tomorrow :(( I hate it! tsk!

I'm catching up some posts. be right back :) 



  1. CAn't see the difference sa mga photos. Hehe. Well,excited to see u tom. :)

  2. Sorry to hear you've felt a bit down Mai, here's hoping things pick up for you soon! Glad to see you can still look beautiful in your self portraits though, just keep on smiling!

  3. I've actually never taken a photo of myself first thing in my would probably scream in terror!

  4. Looks perfectly fine to me. I like my morning hair, too.

  5. Your hair is nice, so even if you can't see a difference, that just means it was always nice :) I think you'll be just fine independent. It might be a bit tough at first, but you can make it.

  6. dont worry with your photos Mai Yang, they are gorgeous. (:

    good luck with the graduation thingy! get ready for a new stage of life :D

  7. Hey I'm a new follower on your blog. I understand what you're going through in times of stress.. Especially when it's my time of the month lol. Keep smiling :)


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