September 15, 2011

Photo Challenge Day 12 (A Sneak Picture You Took In Class/at work/out and About)

Note: Off for a 3days retreat. I'll be back on Friday..Ü 
I'll see you then :))
I'll miss you guys! ^_

Sneak Picture..

By Janine..

Rafael and Harvey seriously working on their assignment in Personal Mastery- " Letter to Mother Earth". :D

By Mai...

I took this pic during our Personal Mastery class :)
  • while praying before the class started and during class discussion and random shots of my classmates ^_^
  • Our teacher talking to our guidance counselor
  • group chatting ^_^

*That's Princess and Aiko while delivering their report about talent under stewardship. 
*there's Harvey with his funny face
*Esthel, who's also delivering her report about treasure, still under stewardship
*And lastly! Max is in the house yo! ^_^
-A video-


And that's how my day went out..crazy yet so much fun! ^_^

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