July 25, 2012

F*cked Up Life Begins Tomorrow

Another lazy post for today. It's raining this late in the morning and I'm supposed to meet my friends (Janine and Esthel) for a girls afternoon date :), if it won't rain after 2pm, I might really go. Right now I'm watching this series, "Please be careful with my heart" lols, another romance series.

Tomorrow, my training begins, sounds like "batman begins" ei? HAHA. Speaking of which, I still haven't watch the movie yet and it's not that I don't have a time (plus, I really don't have the luxury of watching movies in theater anymore), it's just that, when I stumbled to some reviews, they don't have the same ratings which really confuses me if I should watch it or not. 

As for my challenge, it's ranting about my x. I don't think that will do since he's so missing for months now, remember? or maybe I should model my other exes? but they don't actually qualify :P

..oh, one more thing.

someone asked me, Mai, will you ever get married?

well, here's my answer..
I wanna be a girlfriend, then a bride but never a wife. 
hopefully, my views with marriage will change..but for now, that's my answer :)

I wish everyone a happy day. kisses :-* here :)

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